water down

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water something down

1. to dilute something. Who watered the orange juice down? Jim watered down the orange juice.
2. to water something thoroughly. Will you water the lawn down tonight? Water down the lawn this evening so it will grow tomorrow.
3. Fig. to reduce the effectiveness or force of something. (Fig. on {2}.) Please don't water my declaration down. The new laws watered down the power of the president.
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water down something

also water something down
to make something weaker Some people say the new regulations water down several laws that protect people who rent apartments in the city. Once the bill is introduced, he's worried that lawmakers will water it down.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of water down something (to add water to a liquid to weaken things mixed in it)
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water down

Dilute or weaken, as in He watered down that unfavorable report with feeble excuses. [Mid-1800s]
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water down

1. To dilute or weaken something by adding water: The dishonest bartender watered down the liquor. The cook watered the sauce down.
2. To decrease the value of a share of stock, or the value of some group of shares, by increasing the number of shares available for sale: Investors are concerned that stock option grants will water down their holdings. I hope that decision doesn't water the stock values down.
3. To reduce the strength or effectiveness of something: In the end, the legislation was watered down by multiple amendments. The speaker watered his message down with lots of boring stories.
4. To wet the surface of something entirely: The fire department watered down the houses near the brush fire. The road crew watered the dusty road down.
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Proposals that would water down the teaching of evolution or introduce creationism are pending in five states.
It is like pushing water down to the end of the bathtub - shallower at one end but higher at the other.
One well will draw water up while the other will pump the water down, recycling the water through the palladium reactors above ground.
YieldUP International Corporation (NASDAQ: YILD, YILDU, YILDW, YILDZ) today announced that Raj Mohindra, President and CEO of YieldUP International and Werner Kern, President of Werner Kern Associates will present a ground breaking paper titled "Revolutionary New Process for Producing Particle-Free DI Water Down to 0.
The question is: Is it a decoy for a senseless, highly objectionable second stage that would involve - both literally and figuratively - forcing contaminated water down our throats?
The firemen were up on the fence squirting water down on the fire and it was flaring back up at them,'' said sheriff's Sgt.
The others - Hal Bernson, Alex Padilla, Cindy Miscikowski, Jack Weiss and Dennis Zine - all voted to put a measure on the March ballot that will water down the term limits that voters approved in 1993 by expanding the maximum tenure of elected city officials from two terms to three.
THE City Council offered several profiles in cowardice last week when it voted to water down term limits for elected officials in Los Angeles.
At Davis' request, the state Board of Education has agreed to water down the graduation exam by making it easier.
Raise the penalties for gun-related crimes, don't water down or take away the people's right to own guns.
Others kept a close watch on the progress of the fire, some using hoses to water down their yards and homes.
This comes just one week after district officials claimed no one was to blame for trying to water down an environmental bill protecting children's health and safety.
An attempt to water down a bill that would have imposed unions on charter schools met stiff resistance Thursday from critics who claimed the measure still would strip such schools of their independence.