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In addition to keeping the seed moist, mulch will break the impact of raindrops and to some extent slow water down.
Pressure from the White House apparently led the Air Force to water down the guidelines.
if you are wise you will water down what you've said.
We'll be sending water down the entire 62-mile reach of the river with a base flow as well as sending seasonal habitat flows -- which are higher flows that mimic the natural snow runoff.
voters to water down council members' term limits, something that affects only themselves.
Critics say the event was a carefully staged media stunt by a body determined to water down the teaching of evolution in state schools.
Recently, Continental Airlines (CAL) lobbyists were able to water down the conference report of the FAA Reauthorization Bill, removing any requirement for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to require mandatory flight attendant security training guidelines.
THE more we learn about the Los Angeles City Council's plan to water down term limits, the more it stinks.
Americans United has filed freedom-of-information requests with education officials in Ohio and Montana to obtain detailed information about recent decisions to water down the teaching of evolution.
At the core of this technology are the Genesis gCells, which break water down into its basic molecular structure through a series of electro-chemical processes, yielding ultra-pure hydrogen and oxygen gases.
And that's why we should resist the various efforts under way to water down term limits at both the city and state levels.
Bush and Towey sat a houses of worship can get millions in taxpayer money and not have to water down their religiosity.
This was accomplished by slowly pumping water down the backside.