watch out for

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watch out for someone

 and look out for someone
Fig. to watch over and care for someone. When I was a kid, my older brother always watched out for me. I really needed someone to look out for me then.
See also: out, watch

watch out for someone or something

 and look out for someone or something 
1. to be on guard for someone or something; to be on watch for the arrival or approach of someone or something. Watch out for someone wearing a white carnation. Look out for John and his friends. They'll be coming this way very soon.
2. and look out; watch out Fig. to try to avoid a confrontation with someone or something. Watch out! That car nearly hit you! Look out for John. He's looking for you, and he's really mad. Thanks. I'd better look out.
See also: out, watch

watch out for somebody/something

1. to feel responsibility for someone or something look out for somebody/something Carol's father made me promise I'd watch out for her and make sure she had whatever she needed.
2. to be careful in order to avoid a problem You've got to watch out for viruses when downloading files to your computer. Watch out for that dog - he's not very friendly.
3. to be aware of someone or something I used to tell everyone, “Watch out for this girl. She's going to be a great tennis player one day.”
See also: out, watch