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There are other wastes from foundries which are more difficult to dispose and some of these should be regarded as 4special wastes' within the definitions of the 1980 Special Waste Regulations.
In the absence of disposal mechanisms permitted under the rules industries either stored wastes onsite or dumped them in the open.
Gray Davis vetoed a bill Monday that would have banned the dumping of low-level radioactive waste at urban landfills.
Geologists have recognized for decades that NORM could contaminate equipment and wastes at nearly any mineral-extraction site.
No one knows for sure because there are virtually no data concerning the global e-waste trade--harmonized tariff schedules that dictate fees for export commodities don't assign codes to waste electronics other than batteries.
A small North Bay biotechnology company has put a new spin on an old technology that treats the mounting problem of medical and chemical waste in the health-care industry.
Using a state grant of nearly $700,000 awarded to the two cities, a household hazardous waste collection center will be built at the Antelope Valley Landfill in Palmdale.
The foundry was held liable for sending state-approved foundry sand to assist a state-directed response action at a site where millions of gallons of liquid hazardous wastes had been indiscriminately dumped.
There's no magic alchemy involved--just a growing business called waste exchange.
Tribal leaders say that storing the nation's nuclear wastes on their land will bring jobs and money to the reservation.
According to Prince, vitrification can work with almost any form of waste -- from soil contaminated by lead or radon, to medical wastes, industrial sludges, and radioactive wastes.
Because infectious and hazardous wastes have the potential to be created at every bedside in a nursing home, the training and education component of the plan is particularly important.
During the summer of 1988, a public outcry arose when medical waste -- syringes, blood vials, and other medical debris -- washed up on beaches along the Atlantic, Gulf and Great Lakes coasts.
Supreme Court also considered a challenge to Alabama's waste disposal tax.