waste (one's) breath

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waste (one's) breath

To talk of, discuss, or say things that are likely to be ignored or are in vain. Don't bother trying to change my mind about this, you're wasting your breath! It looks like I wasted my breath trying to pitch my idea to the board of directors.
See also: breath, waste

waste one's breath

Fig. to waste one's time talking; to talk in vain. Don't waste your breath talking to her. She won't listen. You can't persuade me. You're just wasting your breath.
See also: breath, waste

waste your breath

talk or give advice without effect.
See also: breath, waste

waste your ˈbreath (on somebody/something)

speak to somebody or about somebody/something but not have any effect: Don’t waste your breath on her. She doesn’t take advice from anybody.I feel like I’m just wasting my breath trying to explain things to him.
See also: breath, waste

waste (one's) breath

To gain or accomplish nothing by speaking.
See also: breath, waste
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I'M A Celeb's Wayne Bridge insists he won't talk about disgraced footballer John Terry who had an affair with his ex, saying: "I won't waste my breath.
He was so intolerably unintelligent, I didn't waste my breath contradicting him.
Asked to comment after the hearing, Mr Gill said: "I wouldn't waste my breath.
is concerned - puu-leese, don't make me waste my breath on that one.
So I decided not to waste my breath on the bad news that a half-chewed steak had been left abandoned at a window table.
I wouldn't waste my breath on a bet as stupid as that, it's money down the drain," was pretty much my line at the time.
I don't want to stir-up more interest in it and I wouldn't waste my breath on it if I did not have to.
A NOT sure I'd believe everything your lover tells you about the state of his marriage, but you say that's not the problem, so I'll not waste my breath.
It's a shame your friends can't accept it but I wouldn't waste my breath trying to convince them.
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