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wash (one's) dirty linen in public

To discuss very private, personal matters, especially that which may be embarrassing, in public or with other people. It always makes me uncomfortable when John starts going into all his personal problems whenever our friends get together. I just wish he wouldn't wash his dirty linen in public like that. People have an unnatural fixation on the personal lives of celebrities, but I don't see why they should be expected to wash their dirty linen in public.
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give (one's) head for the washing

To submit passively to a reprimand, punishment, or some sort of mistreatment. I knew I was getting home after curfew, and that my parents would be angry about it, so I just gave my head for the washing and didn't try to sneak in. Don't just give your head for the washing—tell him that he can't talk to you like that!
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wash a brick

To do or attempt something futile. That couch will never fit up the steps—tell them to stop trying to wash a brick!
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wash (one's) hands

To clean one's hands, typically with soap and water. Kids, be sure to wash your hands before coming to the dinner table! Everyone in my class is sick, so I've been washing my hands constantly.
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Khalid Abdulwali Al-Sharjabi, 44, has been washing corpses for 12 years.
Self-reports of hand washing behavior have been criticized as unreliable as hand washing is a socially desirable activity (Judah, Aunger, Schmidt, Granger, & Curtis, 2009) and observational research suggests these high self-report rates are inflated (Harris Interactive, 2010).
The new machine can wash twice the amount of containers compared to the previous jet washing method.
The market, created by rollover car washing systems, developed slowly however, the opportunity for Autobase to enter the market with the TEP-AUTO automatic car wash machine.
have tested and reviewed more than 200 washing machines and are on hand to provide some helpful tips on what to look for when you're buying a new washing machine.
Complete plastics recycling system includes washing, separation, and extrusion equipment to make sewer pipe from post-consumer HDPE.
One researcher simulated washing techniques to learn more about how practices in the industry affect safety and quality of precut lettuce.
Hand washing is performed often throughout the day, and knowing what to use is also important.
After washing, rinse thoroughly in clean water until all traces of soap are gone.
Jesus turns the world upside down with the most basic and literal action of washing others clean.
Washes begin with pre-wash preparation, hand-delivered by the friendly LA Car Wash staff, before your car rolls gently through the auto jets, washing and rinsing your vehicle.
Through business connections, he had secured capital from an Italian investors group and built a prototype facility capable of washing 30 trucks an hour, which was commissioned in October 2003.
And triclosan can remain on the skin for hours after washing," he adds, "where it continues to kill bacteria.