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gully washer

An extremely heavy rainstorm that usually lasts a short amount of time. That gully washer at 3 AM woke me up because the pouring rain was so loud on the roof!
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be the chief cook and bottle washer

To be involved in many aspects of a particular situation. Because so many people have left our department recently, I'm the chief cook and bottle washer, doing every little task that comes up.
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chief cook and bottle washer

Fig. the person in charge of practically everything (such as in a very small business). I'm the chief cook and bottle washer around here. I do everything.
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be chief cook and bottle washer

to be the person who is responsible for cooking meals and washing the pans and dishes It's my birthday party, so Alan is chief cook and bottle washer tonight.
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head cook and bottle washer

and chief cook and bottle washer
n. someone who is in charge of trivial things as well as the important things. Ten years I’m here, and I’m just the head cook and bottle washer. The chief cook and bottle washer ends up doing everything that has to be done.
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chief cook and bottle washer

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A week earlier, the nation's leading appliance chain displayed four Energy Star washers -- a Kenmore Elite, Whirlpool and two Maytag Neptunes -- at $999.
get a dryer with 30 percent to 40 percent more capacity than your washer extractors to allow for effective airflow.
size and shape of CSR samples are still to define; washers commonly used in the Jamak jig do not yield in uniform compressive stresses: also, exposure to fluids, amount of straining and thermal cycling are still not understood.
As do poorer consumers who may not be able to afford the higher up-front costs associated with the new washers.
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Whirlpool Commercial Laundry's new top-load washer models offer coin-store operators and facility managers increased energy, efficiency and give their customers the ability to get more laundry, done in less time.
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Microplate washer systems are available as manual, automatic or semi-automatic units, and have two different washing modes: plate washing and strip washing.
Gray Davis requiring water-efficient home washing machines could drive up the cost of a new washer by more than $250 by 2007.
Tenders are invited for Set Of T Head And Square Head Screw/Bolt Consisting Of Four Items All Gi Coated M6 X 25 Sq Hd Screw, M6 X 30 X 22 Sq Hd Bolt ,M20 X 85 Sq Hd Screw ,M10 X 85 Sq Hd Screw With Nut Spring And Plain Washer 1 M6 X 25 Square Hd Screw With Nut Spring And Plain Washer Is:1367, Pc 4.
R], one of the leading Internet vendors of industrial cleaning apparatus, has unveiled a free digital electric pressure washer configuration tool engineered to help busy buyers select a machine that matches their cleaning requirements.
And with so many variables--utility costs, meeting residents' desires, common laundry room or an in-unit washer and dryer--determining which type of washers to buy is difficult.