wash off

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wash someone or something off

to clean someone or something by washing. She washed the muddy children off with a hose and put their clothes right into the washing machine. Jane washed off the children.
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wash something off (of) someone or something

 and wash something off
to clean something off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) I have to wash this tomato sauce off my jacket before it stains it. I will wash off the tomato stains.
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wash off (someone or something)

 and wash off of (someone or something)
to be carried off of or away from someone or something by the action of water or another liquid. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The dirt washed off of the floor easily. The label washed off this can, and now I don't know what's in it.
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wash off

1. To remove something by washing: I washed the dirt off. The cook washed off the grease.
2. To be removed by washing: The stain won't wash off. The dirt washed off easily.
3. To cleanse something by using water or other liquid to remove what is on it: Wash off the equipment before you put it away. I washed the dishes off and set them in the rack.
4. To cleanse oneself by using water or other liquid to remove what is on one's body: I need to wash off before dinner.
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But lotions, shampoos, fragrances, mouthwashes, sunscreens, and other products likely playa critical role in environmental contamination, Daughton says, because they are used in such large quantities and they readily wash off.
There's no dirt to wash off or fibrous stems to hack away.
They now understand that a person's skin color will not wash off or change but will remain the same as she grows up.
The Face-Off pattern can be dulled with soap and water, but it won't wash off.
In the real world, where you have someone in the tub, bacteria continue to wash off the resident's body during the bath.
If you do use 'Winter Rose' as a cut flower, dip the stems in water after cutting to wash off any residue of milky sap.
In the bath, soap and water wash off this oil, which means your skin is no longer waterproof.
It can wash off the graffiti faster than the vandal can paint it," said Black.
Next they poured a solution containing ATP through the used filter, this time hoping to wash off ATP-bound RNA that preferred to link to water-borne ATP.
At a recent Skin Cancer Foundation meeting, a list of sun screens that don't wash off was presented.
The spring-fed lake was a prime location to water livestock and wash off the trail dust from the long day's ride.
It therefore doesn't need regular cleaning as any accumulations of dirt will gradually wash off in the rain.
8 ( ANI ): Terming as extremely shameful the rise in crimes against women in the country, Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Friday pressed for a change of people's mindset to wash off the taint of female foeticide.
One of the worst things you can do is not wash off the day before going to bed.
Let it dry for 10 minutes and then wash off as normal.