wash down

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wash something down something

to get rid of something by flooding it down the sewer, drain, sink, etc. Wash all the soap suds down the drain and clean the sink, please. Please wash all that stuff down the drain.
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wash something down

 (with something)
1. to clean something by flooding with water, alcohol, etc. The doctor washed the area down and began to stitch up the wound. She washed down the wound with alcohol to clean it thoroughly. Todd washed the driveway down with water.
2. Fig. to use fluid to aid the swallowing of food or medicine. Molly washed the pills down with a gulp of coffee. She washed down the pills with a glass of water.
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wash down

1. Clean by washing from top to bottom, as in He always washes down the walls before painting. [Second half of 1800s]
2. Drink a liquid after eating food or taking medicine, as in He washed down the pills with a glass of water. [c. 1600]
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wash down

1. To cleanse the surface of something using water or other liquid: We washed down the walls. My neighbor washed the car down.
2. To cause something to be carried or drawn down by the action of water or similar liquid: We tried to wash the grease down, but it stuck to the sides. I washed the tar down with the hose.
3. To follow the ingestion of something, such as food, with the ingestion of a liquid: After the party, we washed the cake down with coffee. I washed down the medicine with some juice.
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deep, the wash down system has a four-leg aluminum frame rack bearing on a 24-in.
an ISO 9002 Company, has been manufacturing a variety of quality nozzles and wash down equipment for a wide range of food industry applications.
Typical applications include dairy plants and other light wash down applications.
A wash down brushless DC motor and Controller ensures high reliability and optimises variable speed possibilities Communicating with remote data collection systems, the Thermo unit provides basic and advanced production statistics, The checkweigher is fully programmable for 100 products with an option to increase to 400 different pack specifications, with three or five zone classifications for each product.
If fire debris and mud and rocks wash down into culverts, canyon roads could flood or wash out.
The logger, which fits into a standard-sized beverage bottleneck, measures and records temperatures from -40 to 125 degrees Celsius and can withstand process conditions from pasteurization to flash freezing and wash down.
Maximum hygiene levels and ease of wash down are the number one benefits offered by the newly launched Ramsey AC9 GP general-purpose checkweigher.
1) Michael Henley, a Los Angeles Fire Department paramedic, uses the time between emergency medical calls to wash down the ambulance at his fire station in Van Nuys.
For the highest levels of corrosion resistance and hygiene however, the new high grade stainless steel (type: CDN) range is designed to provide a non-stick surface for minimal product adhesion and is optimised to suit the highest levels of wash down and sterilisation.
On their way, they pick up trash, wash down signs and chat with visitors about horses, the weather and the hiking areas at the 225-acre park.
The plant immediately devours the tasty burrito and then slyly wraps itself around the guy's beverage to wash down the extreme taste.
Because our area is not posted, and the cross street above us is only half-paved, rocks the size of bowling balls wash down with the heavy rains.
Now instead of a chemical wash down, the user can achieve the same clean up by shining the UV-C light on and around the spill.
It details a two-pronged problem of past and future costs to clean up trichloroethylene, believed to be a cancer-causing chemical used to wash down rocket engines at six test stands.