be shot

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be shot

1. To be physically, mentally, or emotionally exhausted. After two hours in the gym and another hour swimming, I was shot by the time I got home. I'm already pretty shot from writing essays, and I still have another one to write for tomorrow.
2. To be in a bad condition or totally destroyed. I wish I could have the repairs finished sooner, but I'm afraid your engine's shot. Between dealing with mounting debt, my four children, and my recent divorce, my nerves are pretty shot at the moment.
3. To be filmed. The surprise independent hit was shot on a budget of less than $100,000.
4. To be wasted, spent, or used up, typically money or resources. I can't believe my entire budget for a week in Las Vegas was shot in the first day!
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be (all) ˈshot (to ˈpieces)

(informal) be destroyed or in very bad condition: All my dreams were shot to pieces when I heard the news.This engine’s totally shot. I’ll have to get a new one.
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1. n. a try at something. Go ahead. Give it another shot.
2. mod. exhausted; ruined. Here’s your pen back. It’s shot anyway.
3. n. a rocket launching. The shot was canceled because of the weather.
4. n. a small or quickly drunk drink of liquor, usually whiskey. He stopped at every bar on the strip for a quick shot.
5. n. an injection of drugs. Just one shot of that stuff and you’re hooked for life.
6. mod. alcohol intoxicated. They are a little noisy, I guess, but after all they are shot—you know, plastered.
References in classic literature ?
Baggs was shot by some villain on Friday, 6th inst.
in an affray near Carthage, Leake county, Mississippi, between James Cottingham and John Wilburn, the latter was shot by the former, and so horribly wounded, that there was no hope of his recovery.
M'Kane and M'Allister, who had been engaged in the business of distilling, and resulted in the death of the latter, who was shot down by Mr.
Police Chief William Bratton speaks of the miracle officers and paramedics performed in saving the life of a police officer who was shot by a robbery suspect, but he says absolutely nothing about the system that allowed the suspect to be free to rob and shoot innocent people.
We went to Charleston when Stephen was shot, tearing over interstates in driving rain to quickly reach him, to see him whole.
It was shot in the most real and beautiful way that she thought possible, [but] I find the lovemaking scene very difficult to watch.