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It is not humanly possible to distinguish between bloodthirsty killers and innocent civilians in the houses far below the bombers, and we all know how a hospital was blown to smithereens in Afghanistan, because of 'human error'.
He was blown to smithereens in Homeland and now David Harewood (below) will guest star in ITV's big-budget fantasy series Beowulf.
THE uneasy truce between big Birmingham middleweight rivals Wayne Elcock and Matthew Macklin was blown to smithereens last night.
The Marshall Plan, after all, was designed to rebuild the whole of Western Europe after much of the continent was blown to smithereens during World War II.
It's the third time scientists have observed what a particular star looked like before it was blown to smithereens and the first time that they've uncovered the origin of the most common type of supernova.
The case for these cuts was blown to smithereens when the Budget gifted a minimum of pounds 42,500 each to the country's 14,000 millionaires who, let's be honest, don't need the money.
Then the home you were in was blown to smithereens - and then oblivion.