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put out a warrant (on someone)

 and send out a warrant (on someone)
to issue a warrant for the arrest of someone. The police put out a warrant on Max. We sent out a warrant on Lefty "Fingers" Moran at the same time.
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sign one's own death warrant

Fig. to do something (knowingly) that will most likely result in severe trouble. (As if one were ordering one's own execution.) I wouldn't ever gamble a large sum of money. That would be signing my own death warrant. The killer signed his own death warrant when he walked into the police station and gave himself up.
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sign your own death warrant

to do something which will stop you from being successful
Usage notes: A death warrant is an official document which orders someone to be killed as a punishment.
The company signed its own death warrant by choosing to remain independent rather than going into partnership.
See sign the pledge
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sign one's own death warrant

Bring about one's own downfall, do oneself irreparable harm, as in In taking his secretary to a risqué nightclub, the parish priest was signing his own death warrant . This expression may refer to acts that ensure someone's later murder, as when, in 1921, the Irish revolutionary leader Michael Collins signed the peace treaty he had negotiated with England and said, "I tell you, I have signed my death warrant." Thirteen months later Collins was assassinated by political opponents. The expression is also used hyperbolically, however, for severe repercussions or punishments. [First half of 1900s] Also see shoot oneself in the foot.
See also: death, own, sign, warrant
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Design stability, product manufacturability and a sound test plan are key areas to help minimize warrantable failures and potential liability risk.
The product is available in a wide selection of colors, can be tinted and is warrantable on select jobs.
Phase morphology analyses involve the three-dimensional structure of the disperse phase being characterized with a warrantable outlay so that conclusions can then be drawn about the influencing variables.
For they themselves, by these thir late doings have made it guiltiness, and turn'd thir own warrantable actions into Rebellion" (227).
Probable" or "indicated" ore is ore that is exposed and sampled either on two or three sides and computed partly from specific measurements and partly from projection; some risk exists, however, with warrantable justification for assumption of continuity of the ore content throughout.
Sincere and warrantable dissent may occur in both areas.
This new attached rack design combines standardized, lightweight aluminum parts with the long-term assurance of a maintainable and warrantable watertight connection to our buildings.
7% Extended Service Plan Data: Fee-based product revenues $ 20,066 $ 14,457 $59,407 $ 39,082 Net extended service plan revenues 6,333 1,628 18,093 3,249 Warrantable product unit penetration rates 25.
8% Fee-Based Services and Extended Service Plan Data: Fee-based product revenues $19,778 $12,801 $39,342 $24,625 Net extended service plan revenues $6,756 $1,332 $11,760 $1,621 Warrantable product unit penetration rates 25.