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Doubling the membership and seriously increasing the number of chapters is the warp and woof of NRLC's 2009 agenda.
At first, Bruster's epigraph seems, if not outside the warp and woof, at least un-eventual, while his critique of Greenblatt and the New Historicism--for concerted failure to make good on a fundamentally intertextual project (31)--seems at best belated.
As it was, her performing style, as well as the warp and woof of her life, was one of passionate contrast.
They take their character from the warp and woof of membership in a family, a community, a school, a common life.
Regulation D comprises five rules which are the warp and woof of the regulatory fabric of private offerings: Rule 501 sets forth definitions of terms used in the Regulation, most notably that of accredited investor, which for our purposes means individuals with a $1 million net worth (home and car included), or with consistent minimum annual income of $200,000.
We must not compound this gigantic moral and ethical lapse by weaving this slaughter into the warp and woof of modern medical management.
Often it is in the management of governance, environmental, and stakeholder relations and metrics that we get critical insights into the warp and woof of corporate governance.
The exhibition's primary formal device was a series of variations on the grid with its echo of the warp and woof of weaving and its concomitant association with the feminine and the premodern.
The warp and woof, the tapestry that signifies the life of this small community contains signs of contemporary life--the occasional car and TV set--as well as threads and patterns that have endured over the centuries.
Concerns for the environment, workers, local communities, and the rest could become warp and woof of the charter--the basic contract with the community--so that CEOs would not be dragged constantly down to the lowest common denominator.