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warn someone about someone or something

to advise someone about the dangers associated with someone or something. Didn't I warn you about the dangers of going there? I warned you about Alice.
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warn someone against someone or something

to advise someone against someone, something, or doing something. We warned them all against going to the region at this time. I warned her against Gerald.
See also: warn

warn someone away from someone or something

to advise someone to avoid someone or something. We warned her away from the danger, but she did not heed our warning. Why didn't you warn me away from Roger?
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warn someone of something

to advise someone that something bad is likely to happen. I wish you had warned us of what was going to happen. Please warn John of the heavy traffic he may run into.
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warn someone off

to advise a person to stay away. We placed a guard outside the door to warn people off until the gas leak could be fixed. The guards warned off everyone in the vicinity.
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warn about

1. To make someone aware of the actual or potential harm, danger, or evil associated with something: I warned the kids about riding their bikes in the street.
2. To make aware in advance of some actual or potential harm, danger, or evil: The report warned about a possible attack.
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warn against

To advise someone that something is dangerous or problematic and should be avoided: I warned them against driving without seatbelts. The doctor warns against smoking.
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warn away

To notify someone to go or stay away: The guide warned the tourists away from the edge of the cliff. The sign warned away trespassers.
See also: away, warn

warn of

To make someone aware in advance of some actual or potential harm, danger, or evil: The doctor warned them of the flu epidemic. The employees were warned of the company's impending bankruptcy.
See also: of, warn

warn off

To notify someone to go or stay away: The sheriff warned them off the private property.
See also: off, warn
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He continued: "I warn you that you must not expect work - when many cannot spend, more will not be able to earn.
I warn you not to go into the streets alone after dark or into the streets in large crowds of protest in the light.
Traditionally, tort law protected alcoholic beverage manufacturers from the duty to warn under the "good whiskey" argument which stated that "Good whiskey is not unreasonably dangerous merely because it will make some people drunk .
69] Initially, Dorris and his wife, novelist Louise Erdrich, enlisted in the crusade to warn and demonstrated all the fervor of new converts.
Upjohn's argument misses the point because it fails to distinguish between two separate issues: (1) whether the manufacturer knew or could have known of a risk; and (2) whether the manufacturer decided not to warn of a known risk.
Brown rejected only absolute liability -- liability for failure to warn of a risk a manufacturer could not have known.
Getting students to trust teachers and administrators with information about someone bringing a weapon or planning violence on campus is the central and controversial element of WARN, said Jay Shaffer, the history and government teacher who created the program in the weeks following Ensley's killing.
That's what we're trying to prevent,'' said Ivon Gamboa, the WARN club president.
Current labeling warns against use of sleep aids and antiemetics by asthma patients.
The city attorney also is asking the court to force tobacco companies to fund a statewide advertising campaign to warn the public about tobacco products.
Warns said inadequate pricing is just one of investors' many concerns:
The Second Prize Winner is a wart removal product instruction guide that warns, "Do not use if you cannot see clearly to read the information in the information booklet.
Two young women who had overheard a discussion about the chips' side effects - every bag warns consumers that the products ``may cause abdominal cramping and loose stools'' - refused to even take a bite.
Karl Anderson, Wildlife Educators executive director, also warns his audience about the dangers and difficulties of keeping exotic animals as pets.
Photo: A sign at the Sherman Oaks Galleria warns of unhealt hful air conditions inside the partially enclosed parking garage.