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It is interesting, Jackson notes, that at its publication many African American critics did not take as warmly to the novel as did their white counterparts.
Staples gives us an accounting of how Nusrat met her husband in New York City, converted to Islam, changed her name from Elaine, and was warmly accepted into her husband's family.
XASTHUR/NORTT A Curse for the Lifeless LP (Southern Lord)--Xasthur's (USA) legendary haunting drone spheres collide with obsessive necro-rhythms that wrap me warmly in self-loathing and suicidal meditation.
But when Fraser strolled up to the Capitol on Tuesday morning - with Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell, Assemblyman Pedro Nava and a herd of television cameras and reporters in tow - he was greeted warmly by Education Secretary Alan Bersin.
Twenty years later Lynn comes to Amsterdam, discovering that the quilts her grandmother, her aunts, and other older women in her childhood church had made for war ravaged families in Holland still survived and warmly regarded.
A: The two key characteristics are the ability to calculate and reflect on what's prudent for you, and the ability to respond with reciprocity to others--to respond warmly and generously to others' warmth and generosity.
I warmly commend these two books to high school teachers and students, to those responsible for the RCIA, and to all who serve in positions of lay ecclesial ministry.
His parents, who weren't always greeted warmly at practice sessions and games, supported his interest with "great reluctance," he says.
But as the former comrades-in-arms greeted each other warmly on the street just outside the event--Massa never went inside, say other attendees--Republican operatives stationed nearby noticed his presence, and reported back to his staff" director, Robert Rangel.
He may be aware that Coventry forged this link in 1958 and repeated attempts to strengthen this link were received warmly by the Arnhem authorities who had made a close link with Croydon.
Prince Norodom Ranariddh, president of Cambodia's National Assembly, said Monday he warmly welcomed the decision of Indonesian President B.
Hamilton of the University of Oxford in England, one of the theorists who proposed the parasite idea, greeted the work warmly.
He looked like the Englishman [sic] from old sketches, from the period between the wars (or even earlier)--an elderly gentleman always with the same, used but solid, leather suitcase, wearing a hat and a suit, warmly dressed and always wearing a tie.
In traveling around the state, the Tulsa resident said, "I was greeted warmly by everyone I met, with the single exception of the self-proclaimed leaders of the Oklahoma Republican Party.
Later, Mohammad Aamir Jan saw off the outgoing DG SBP warmly.