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Leave turkey in a warmish place for 30-60 minutes to relax.
Any warmish breezes now will have the trout feeding in the relatively warm water at the bottom of the wind - so anglers would be best advised to cast into the eye of a mild wind.
I reach over to grab the alarm clock to check the time and find a warmish cup of tea he left for me - well, it's the thought that counts.
A hosepipe, a few holes in a piece of plastic and some warmish water we'd prepared on a stove
Who, apart from a friend of mine who has a giant gas barbecue in her garden which is so powerful it could (and does) cremate a cow in half an hour, could possibly use 36832 kWh of gas in three warmish months, after using only 501kWh during a freezing winter.
Some days were warmish - on others we wore hats, ski jackets and the waterproofs provided to keep out the cold.
The warmish spring weather was very welcoming and the sun even agreed to shine down benignly on us from mid-afternoon.
Thursday's incessant rain ensured that, despite a warmish, drying day, New Road's waterlogged outfield remained far too wet to even contemplate a start against Derbyshire and the umpires delivered the inevitable message just before 2pm.
Legionella thrives in warmish water, multiplying in water tanks and shower heads.
With afternoon temperatures at Snowcrest rising to a warmish 48 degrees Thursday, prospects for a weekend reopening looked gloomy.
This is set in some out-of-the-way but warmish spot.
Gwael looks like she's ended up in a warmish maiden on her debut.
So I grow them in large containers and bring them into the greenhouse in the winter where they're snug and warmish.
6), is a good place to start looking for reds, but a north wind can make even a warmish afternoon uncomfortable there.
Didn't matter that they were in a side room, with warmish wine, in the early evening.