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lust/brownish warmish sweetish and my feet take me to/ my current lover/
Lodi: True, a map shows that this warmish region is at the northern end of the San Joaquin Valley, but it's cooled not only by the breezes associated with the Stockton and Sacramento River Delta regions, but also by the fact that some of its vineyards are on high plains.
As we walked into the airport terminal, I commented to the genealogist, "Must have been our baseball caps that clued them in," as the small bald eagle feathers attached to the crowns of our hats flickered to and fro in the warmish September breeze.
It was a warmish day, but the ski area was able to open some slopes.
Then, on a warmish day in February, you can dig holes in your window boxes just big enough for each bulb and drop them in, pot and all.
Again, the sound had a somewhat warmish cast, but this was not altogether objectionable, and the subjective result reflected a solid richness on some passages.
I use the oil-base satin finish, which is a warmish white that won't yellow over time.
So, the first novel is absurdly over-researched and, to give one example, there's one scene towards the end of the book when the two characters are walking down Berwick Street in Soho, and I think it's 1787 and it would be something like the 4th or 5th of June, and it's quite a warmish day.
Calf's liver ($20), though, dressed with a warmish vinegared bacon mixture and delivered with a savory potato-onion cake, is down-home, greatly appreciated American comfort food, served hot and reasonably portioned.
often common at a site; often in larger, nutrientrich streams, lakes, or ponds, often warmish.
Both genera include various species or populations of sardines and anchovies of warmish waters where temperate and tropical waters mix.
On a warmish Saturday evening in August the police closed the First Kordon to traffic, and the Turks came out to humanize the long thoroughfare that ran along the shore of the Bay of Izmir like a concrete beach.
It is at its worst in warmish weather when it dissolves in slush and water, and is splashed up to penetrate into all the crevices of your vehicle.
It's still warmish, with the thermometer set to reach 17C, but you can expect rain in the morning, with a chance of thunder too.
Volkswagen seems rather fed up with this state of affairs and, after many years of building warmish Polos that left British buyers somewhat underwhelmed, the gloves have finally come off.