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In the case of global warming, polar bears are one sign of a threat that could potentially affect all species, including humans.
But Cooper warns that if global warming doesn't stop, tough times are ahead for the animals of the Bering Sea and other polar regions.
In 2001, the pair reported its evidence that global warming has warped some mosquito populations' responses to day length.
And local water providers, such as the Castaic Lake Water Agency, will look to the state to take a leadership role in handling global warming.
No matter how bad global warming gets, it's probably not going to have much effect on life in Northern Minnesota.
If global warming is due to anthropogenic greenhouse gases, is the key gas methane, carbon dioxide or water vapour?
Water temperatures vary for reasons other than global warming.
Aerosols emitted by industrial (and natural) sources have both cooling and warming properties.
Warming has also interfered with caribou feeding, says Craig Fleener, a wildlife biologist for the Gwich'in Council International, an indigenous group for whom the Porcupine River herd provides a material and cultural foundation.
A recently released study by the nonprofit Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC) finds that while foreign rivals scamper to meet European Union CO2 emission reduction targets, American companies such as ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil, General Electric and Xcel Energy continue to ignore the threat of global warming.
Warming up increases blood flow, providing oxygen to working muscles and improving overall oxygen dynamics, which favorably affects VO2max.
The Bush Administration's "Clear Skies" initiative would substantially weaken public health and environmental protections under the Clean Air Act, while doing nothing about global warming.
But, according to hydrologists, global warming may be the largest contributor to water scarcity as surface water burns off before it can restore water reserves.
Global warming is entrenched in the popular consciousness, so much so that it is routinely included in comments about the weather: "Hot enough for ya?
Warming up the arm is, of course, important, but the main objective is to get the pitcher focused, to get both his mind and body ready to pitch.