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bench warmer

n. a ballplayer who spends most of the game on the bench waiting to play; a second-rate player. You’ll never be anything but a bench warmer.
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and nose-warmer
n. a marijuana cigarette stub; a roach. (Drugs.) Hey, man! Can I have a hit of that little nose-burner? He quickly stubbed out a little nose-burner when he heard the garage door open.




1. n. a short tobacco pipe. Fred smokes a nose-warmer, especially in the winter.
2. Go to nose-burner.
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Our line of fluid warmers is designed to maintain precise temperatures of injection fluids and irrigation fluids, while our blanket warmers are used for pre- and postoperative patient warming.
The hand warmer is still sold on the e-commerce site with safety statements saying that the battery has been approved.
Curiously, the more than usual rains did not bring down the temperature in the capital since the nights up to early morning remained warmer than usual.
This year, the slight majority of those who perceived warmer temperatures attributed them to global warming -- 20% of the overall sample thought that local temperatures were warmer and attributed it to global warming, while 13% thought they were warmer but due to normal fluctuations.
Both hand warmers can be used time and time again, from one winter season to the next, making them a bargain at just the price of postage
A warmer North Atlantic heats the air above it and can steer patterns of wet weather over the UK and northern Europe.
I thought little more about the body warmer for many years but anybody with eyes can see that the sleeveless garment has made a real comeback in the nation's collective wardrobe in recent years - only now they're called gilets.
Global warming is so complex, it appears some people are ready to be persuaded by whether their own day is warmer or cooler than usual, rather than think about whether the entire world is becoming warmer or cooler," said lead author Ye Li.
Earlier this year, Warmer won a National Energy Action Footprint Award for its work installing solar panels and heat pumps at homes in Tyneside.
OUR summers are wetter and colder apart from the odd very hot one, but the most notable thing for me is that the winter is consistently warmer than it used to be.
Already a hit in the convenience store channel, the treats are available in chocolate chip cookies, mini donuts and brownie bites that are merchandised warm in signature blue Sweet Minis Poppin' Fresh cups from a specially designed warmer that is kept on the countertop.
Lichfield District Council hopes that Warmer Homes, Greener District, will see thousands of households saving money and energy when they heat their homes.
A tube top can be worn over pants as a skirt or as a back warmer with a shrug.
LEOMINSTER - Volunteers for Warmer Winters gathered recently for a recognition ceremony.
Clay Macbeth, who was working outdoors Wednesday evening delivering gas to a local station, said he tolerates the cold weather because he knows warmer days are always around the corner.