war with

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war with someone

to fight or dispute with someone. Ruth is always warring with someone, usually about something trivial. Please don't war with me!
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Michael Hirsh is a senior editor at Newsweek, based in Washington, and author of At War With Ourselves: Why America Is Squandering Its Chance to Build a Better World.
During the second term of Democrat Grover Cleveland, an effort was made to provoke a war with Great Britain over a border dispute in Venezuela.
And yes, we come back to the ultimate betrayal, the betrayal of the young, sent to war with grandiose promises and lying words about freedom and democracy, about duty and patriotism.
As we, at this moment, go to war with a people who still largely have a medieval "world view" and who conceive of struggle with "The West" (and indeed have a view of the "Three Americans" to match Housley's Three Turks) as a command from God, Housley's book has a strange urgency and ought to be read, and several times, to acquaint ourselves with a dimension of waging war that may once again become very real.
Setting aside a discussion of the merits of the war with Iraq, it would have been a wiser policy to have earlier trained and supported Iraqi rebels to overthrow the Ba'athist regime.
Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, said war with Iraq is well justified: "If you are looking for just cause, we have already passed that threshold.
Ken Weiss - Vietnam veteran, '60s war protester, rock music producer - sat in Bobby's Coffee Shop in Woodland Hills eating eggs and hash browns and talking about his support for war with Iraq.
Finally, Alabama Baptists emerged from the Second World War with a more ecumenical and internationalist perspective.
The authors recount tales of the Gulf War with scholarship, clarity and moral force.
However, they estimate that any "oil dividend" of war with Iraq would be fairly modest -- a one-time benefit of an average $250 per American.
Iraq was economically in very bad shape, having only recently ended a costly eight-year war with Iran, which Iraq had launched in the hope of seizing Iran's oil fields.
In the long run, will the war with Iraq ignite a democratic revolution in the Middle East?
There was no more candor in the Persian Gulf War or the war in Afghanistan or the war with Iraq than there was in Vietnam.
George Mitchell, 51, of Woodland Hills, a Marine Corps veteran of Vietnam, said even if the United States does go to war with Iraq, the anti-war movement is just getting started.