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Horvath is wanted in connection with a serious assault of a supermarket security guard in
The Arrangement Agreement further provides for non-solicitation covenants on the part of Wanted Technologies but gives it the right to accept a superior proposal in certain circumstances and terminate the agreement subject to payment to CEB of a termination fee equal to 3% of the aggregate transaction consideration.
MICHAEL JANECZEK Wanted for: Burglary Born: October 20, 1986
During this period, the Dubai Police received 20 wanted people of different nationalities from other countries, including an Arab who was wanted in 70 criminal cases in the UAE.
He said that 70 per cent of all the wanted people caught were implicated in money-related crimes.
For their own safety, police must consider that individuals wanted for minor charges may resist arrest as often as those individuals with felonies.
Exhibit 5, at left, shows those who wanted PFS accreditation had the most optimistic view of the cost-benefit relationship.
We considered seven vendors, but we quickly narrowed the field to two because of Bethlehem Steel's particular interests: We wanted to achieve seamless computing capabilities between our substantial installed base of process control computers on our factory floors and our extensive investment in business-oriented computing systems.
Based on their experience, they knew where they might obtain some flexibility and where they wouldn't, and if a code - which describes a minimum, after all - wasn't adequate for the quality we wanted and could be modified, Brad said so.
Vaughan's task force found that members wanted groups that not only were industry-specific, but also discipline-specific.
Hiram said he wanted large uncut stands of old trees on the Estate just because he felt good when he visited them.
com Editors' Most Wanted Awards have been awarded annually since 1999.
The list includes suspects wanted for questioning in connection with a variety of offences, many of them serious.
Of the total number of wanted criminals, the UAE nationals represented three per cent.
THESE are the faces of suspected shoplifters wanted by police after being caught on camera allegedly stealing from shops, supermarkets, garages and off-licences.