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(Do you) want to bet?

I'm so confident that you are wrong that I'm willing to bet on it. A: "There's no way you can prove that." B: "Want to bet?"
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(Do you) want to make something of it?

 and You want to make something of it?
Do you want to start a fight about it? (Rude and contentious.) Tom: You're really bugging me. It's not fair to pick on me all the time. Bill: You want to make something of it? Bob: Please be quiet. You're making too much noise. Fred: Do you want to make something of it?
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Want to make something of it?

 and Wanna make sumpin' of it?
Inf. Do you want to fight about it? (See also ) So, I'm a little ugly. Wanna make sumpin' of it? I'm sitting in your usual chair, you say? Want to make something of it?
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(ˈwɑnə and ˈwənə)
phr. want to. (Eye-dialect. Typical spoken English. Used in writing only for effect. Used in the examples of this dictionary.) I will if I wanna.


and wanna be (ˈwɑnə bi)
n. someone who wants to be something or someone. (Associated with Madonna, the singer.) All these teenyboppers are wannabes, and that’s why we can sell this stuff to them at any price.

wanna be

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Want to make something of it?

and Wanna make sumpin’ of it?
interrog. Do you want to fight about it? So, I’m a little ugly. Wanna make sumpin’ of it?
See also: make, of, something, want

Wanna make sumpin’ of it?

See also: make, of, wanna
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The video for I Wanna Dance with Somebody was one of Houston's best-recognised music videos.
The most important thing is also to look at the provisions the bank is taking," Wanna said.
STBN Records announced today the release of a new song "You Don't Wanna Start This," a single from the upcoming album by Elektrica.
The NAMM Foundation has launched its non-profit Wanna Play Fund, which seeks public donations to support programs and activities that strengthen music education in schools and provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn to play music.
But Stephane and 3G's We Don't Wanna Put In may breach a ban on political songs.
The 13th Sherman's Lagoon collection by Jim Toomey, SHARKS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN is an outstanding winner, joining others in the syndicated strip's growing library and providing especially winning and valuable to any area devoid of regular Sherman comics.
I wanna go to the White House, I wanna shake hands with Barack Obama, I wanna meet Sissy Spacek, I wanna go to the space station, I wanna go to Japan, I wanna go to Iraq.
I want a brand new house on an episode of Cribs AND A BATHROOM I CAN PLAY BASEBALL IN And a king size tub big enough for ten plus me; I WANT A NEW TOUR BUS FULL OF OLD GUITARS My own star on Hollywood Boulevard Somewhere between Cher and James Dean is fine for me; I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame I'D EVEN CUT MY HAIR AND CHANGE MY NAME Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar; I WANNA BE GREAT LIKE ELVIS WITHOUT THE TASSELS Hire eight body guards that love to beat up a***s Sign a couple autographs So I can eat my meals for free; (I'll have a quesadilla on the house) I'M GONNA DRESS MY ASS WITH THE LATEST FASHIONS Get a front door key to the Playboy mansion; GONNA DATE A CENTREFOLD THAT LOVES TO BLOW MY MONEY FOR ME (So how ya gonna do it?
BBC reports noted that anarchy is not a word you normally associate with the Swiss, but when the audience invaded the stage as Iggy Pop belted out I Wanna Be Your Dog, it was as close to it as Switzerland is going to get.
Girls, they wanna, wanna have fun, they want, wanna have, that's all they really want.
Earlier in the day he learned of his nomination for a Drama Desk Award - his third - for playing a trio of roles in the Michael John LaChiusa musical ``See What I Wanna See'' at the Public Theatre.
Thirty writers offer their wisdom, humor and insights on the challenges of parenting teens in I Wanna Be Sedated: 30 Writers On Parenting Teenagers.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was set up by single mother Rosalind Potts three years ago and specialises in pamper party events for girls aged from four to 14.
I realized, that's dumb, I need to make my own shit that I wanna bring in, know what I mean?
Wanna was tried in criminal court on drug conspiracy charges and was found not guilty.