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wangle (one's) way into (some place or some situation)

To succeed in entering some location or situation by tricky, clever, or persuasive means. I didn't think we'd be able to do it, but after Rajesh talked to the bouncer, we were able to wangle our way into the night club. I've been trying to wangle my way into the honors course at Harvard all year, but so far, nothing has helped.
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wangle (one) into (some place or some situation)

To succeed in getting someone into some location or situation by tricky, clever, or persuasive means. It turned out that Rajesh knew the bouncer at the club, so he was able to wangle us into the place even though we weren't on the guest list. I don't know how I let Jeff wangle me into looking after his dogs this weekend—I don't even like dogs!
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wangle out of something

Fig. to get out of having to do something; to argue or deceive one's way out of a responsibility. Don't try to wangle out of this mess. You must stay and fix the problems you made. Mary managed to wangle out of staying late again.
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wangle something from someone

 and wangle something Out of someone
Fig. to obtain, through argument or deception, something from someone. Are you trying to wangle money from me? You can't wangle any money out of me.
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We would have hundreds of pages of faxes coming in every day, and they would each have to be manually entered," Wangles notes.
Forecasts were incredibly time-consuming," Wangles says.
based Eatec, all Wangles has to do is type in a date range, and the system automatically lists what was shipped to the stores.
We needed to automate the ordering process and to tie in the ingredients that have to be purchased to make each recipe," Wangles says.
He somehow wangles United a place in the South Bucks Mini Soccer Conference.
One of them even wangles an invitation to a Rosh Hashanah barbecue and - get this - never once passes gas or lets out a belch.
This well-preened computer animation tells the tale of how Valiant the pigeon should be too small for the RHPS but wangles his way in anyway.
LOUIS THEROUX'S WEIRD WEEKENDS: The intrepid Louis pitches up in California's San Fernando Valley, world capital of the porn movie industry, where he meets sex-film veterans and wangles a walk-on part in a gay movie, playing a park ranger.