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wangle (one's) way into (someplace or some situation)

To succeed in entering some location or situation by tricky, clever, or persuasive means. I didn't think we'd be able to do it, but after Rajesh talked to the bouncer, we were able to wangle our way into the night club. I've been trying to wangle my way into the honors course at Harvard all year, but so far, nothing has helped.
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wangle someone into (someplace or some situation)

To succeed in getting someone into some location or situation by tricky, clever, or persuasive means. It turned out that Rajesh knew the bouncer at the club, so he was able to wangle us into the place even though we weren't on the guest list. I don't know how I let Jeff wangle me into looking after his dogs this weekend—I don't even like dogs!
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wangle out of something

Fig. to get out of having to do something; to argue or deceive one's way out of a responsibility. Don't try to wangle out of this mess. You must stay and fix the problems you made. Mary managed to wangle out of staying late again.
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wangle something from someone

 and wangle something Out of someone
Fig. to obtain, through argument or deception, something from someone. Are you trying to wangle money from me? You can't wangle any money out of me.
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Wangle admitted to a colossalblunder, of course, in his opening statement: "I thought a man was entitled to go out.
Labour has managed to wangle a de facto majority by putting two opposition AMs into the presiding office.
l Okay, so I've managed to wangle lunch with Kylie Minongue.
Don't worry, if you only manage to get one right, you still might be able to wangle a job covering Champions League football for ITV2.
IN the film Big, Tom Hanks managed to wangle himself a perfect job at a toy manufacturing company where he got to test the latest play things and keep them in his office.
But the midfielder then missed two weeks' training after being unable to wangle his way out of jury service.
Hancock can reveal that Jerry has already inquired of bosses at the NEC whether they can wangle him a dressing room meeting with Ferry and Co, and has been referred to the group's management.
Debbie manages to wangle a shocking confession from Jo, that Andy hit her.
If it helps Moyes wangle a bit more money to bring the players in that he so badly needs ahead of the new season then nobody will be worried in the slightest.
But if David Blunkett's career went down the Swannee after he tried to wangle a visa for his girlfriend's nanny, why shouldn't Lembit's?
By hook or by crook, those boys from the FUTUREHEADS manage to wangle their way on to these pages.
EARLY in the week, BBC2's Louis Theroux returned from reporting on an American brothel to see if he could wangle an interview with Michael Jackson.
Rod Stewart apparently managed to wangle a last-minute spot in a hospitality box and John Fashanu, fresh out of the I'm A Celebrity jungle, played host to England captain Sven-Goran Eriksson.
With yet further blarney and flattery - and by blocking Jones in the aisle of their returning flight to Heathrow - Robinson even managed to wangle herself a free advance copy of the soon-to-be-released Aled album from the somewhat bewildered Welshman.
In tonight's debut, the kids wangle enough money for tickets to see their favorite wrestler grapple live, though Sonia thinks Larry might be more edified (or at least less influenced by violence) by a trip to the bingo parlor.