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The breath so near her pillow, that she shrunk back into it, lest those wandering hands should light upon her face.
The old housekeeper looks at him, and those wandering hands of hers are quite enough for Mrs.
Lee Marklew, prosecuting, previously told the trial jury: "Prashant Sengar is a man with wandering hands.
I'd usually lay the blame for an affair at the wandering hands of the errant spouse but Pountney was Price's closest mate and bridesmaid, making her behaviour a disgusting betrayal.
Stone me, he got the boot DISASTER over at 10,000BC as the only contestant treating the Stone Age experiment in the right hunter-gatherer spirit, Paul Barnes, was kicked out for alleged wandering hands in the yurt's communal bed.
Barry said: "When you're testing the microphones and all the rest of it, he suddenly started with the wandering hands and groping.
It was a pre-record situation where you're testing the microphones and all the rest of it, when he suddenly started with the wandering hands and the groping.
website: "This habit of sexual pestering should be aggressively tackled, or ystanbul's reputation of a magnificent, historical city risks being preceded by one of wandering hands and leering eyes.
I would be sitting in the studio with my headphones on, my back to the door, live on air, and then I'd find these wandering hands up my jumper, fondling my breasts.
pmqs @qikipedia (The QI Elves) There are two Popes per square kilometre in the Vatican @sixthformpoet (Sixth Form Poet) I have such wandering hands, even I have to keep them at arm''s length.
We hope that those objecting to TSA's heavy and sometimes wandering hands in the weeks ahead do so for the right reasons.
For a second as I looked at that huge blue helmet, my heart trembled for I immediately associated its presence with my first sexual adventure, although there was no rational way of connecting the arrival of the police with my wandering hands - my attentions had not exactly been repulsed, and the girl could scarcely have had time to get home.
At that point a nurse walked past and told him to get out, only for him to turn his wandering hands on her.
The 28-year-old, referred to as MF, said she was too embarrassed to say anything about the physio's wandering hands as his behaviour got steadily more intimate with each session.