wallow in

wallow (around) in something

to roll around in something. Pigs enjoy wallowing around in mud. They wallow in mud to keep cool.
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wallow in something

Fig. to experience an abundance of something. (Fig. on wallow (around) in something.) Roger and Wilma are just wallowing in money. Claire spent the entire day wallowing in self-pity. The villagers are all wallowing in superstition.
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wallow in

1. To roll the body lazily or clumsily in some medium or substance: The pig wallowed in the mud.
2. To revel in some condition or behavior; take pleasure in some condition or behavior: The celebrity wallowed in his fame.
3. To be plentifully supplied: The heirs wallowed in money.
See also: wallow
References in classic literature ?
In the town were some substantial windowless houses of stone scattered among a wilderness of thatched cabins; the streets were mere crooked alleys, and un- paved; troops of dogs and nude children played in the sun and made life and noise; hogs roamed and rooted contentedly about, and one of them lay in a reeking wallow in the middle of the main thoroughfare and suckled her family.
To speak critically, indeed, the latter rather carried the thing to excess, and seemed to make it a point to wallow in the miriest part of the sty, and otherwise to outdo the original swine in their own natural vocation.
You, Harry, my boy, who have only to turn on a couple of taps to summon "hot" and "cold" from an unseen, vasty cistern, can have little idea of the luxury of that muddy wallow in brackish tepid water.
Well, my dear, ask your uncle what sort of company he keeps, and if he is not banded with a set of loose, profligate young men, whom he calls his friends, his jolly companions, and whose chief delight is to wallow in vice, and vie with each other who can run fastest and furthest down the headlong road to the place prepared for the devil and his angels.
perhaps, I too, am just as unlucky--how do you know--and wallow in the mud on purpose, out of misery?
has reaped millions to furnish an affluent lifestyle that has included a small fleet of luxury cars, a million-dollar mini-mansion, and trips to Hawaii and Lake Tahoe," although the residents of at least one of his homes, says the magazine, wallow in filth.
HRH is a huge Goons fan and will be able to wallow in nostalgia as the BBC celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast.
Most of Ives's orchestral music sounds like a great big sloppy mess, but it can be fun to wallow in from time to time.
Both candidates swear that the $150 million or so they raised during the primary season and the $300 to $400 million in soft money contributions their respective parties currently wallow in will have no influence over the decisions they make as the future most-powerful-middle-aged-white-guy in the world.
Dubois' tragic mistakes need not wallow in a pool of distrust and selfishness.
Television was there when Kennedy was shot; when the Chicago police beat up on the Yippies and the whole world was watching; when the Challenger blew apart; when the Soviet Empire collapsed like dominoes and the Berlin Wall came crashing down; when Nelson Mandela walked free from prison and brought an end to apartheid; and television allowed for and encouraged the world to wallow in collective grief over the death of Princess Diana.
He said: "The Eagles have every right to wallow in their triumph and lap it up.
But they're not, so we can wallow in the illusion that ``Night Watch'' might have something to do with art.
Heretics are imprisoned in flaming sarcophagi, corrupt clergy flail upside down in holes, flatterers wallow in sluices of pitch-black excrement.