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and Wala! and Wallah! and Viola! (wɑ ˈlɑ)
exclam. And there you have it! (All versions are misspellings or misunderstandings of the French Voila! the Viola! is a well-meant spelling error.) And walla! There it is. Cooked just right!


See Walla!
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Teesside Crown Court heard that inspectors visited Chai Wallah after customer complaints of being served raw chicken, feeling unwell after eating there and dirty conditions.
Now imagine the cable wallah is actually cable waali .
With India as the arena and the Raj as context, the piquancy of their unique Indian-American-European perspective on this oh-so-very-British--and to a lesser extent, Indian--subject, starting with the delectable Shakespeare Wallah (1965), was often lost on all three continents.
Inspectors went to Chai Wallah on Yarm High Street after customer complaints of being served raw chicken, feeling unwell after eating there and dirty conditions.
But tea specialists Char Wallah will make you question everything you thought you knew.
A samosa wallah in Assi Ghat is one of the happier ones, telling me there should be elections every year as business has never been this good.
ULSTER Bank customers are being urged to direct their complaints by telegram to Mr Depak Papadingdong, chief techno wallah in India.
The White House wallah at Hay is Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer, passionate jogger and peace activist.
They travelled around India performing plays in an exotic, eccentric life immortalised in the film Shakespeare Wallah.
Grove Hill wallah got into"Typical Boro" mode as he bemoaned Boro's chances of finishing in the top six.
Congress leaders say that a chai wallah cannot become a prime minister.
CHAR WALLAH J McCain's novice chaser is my cup of tea
Matt the Knife, MP for West Suffolk who looks about 11, is yet another public school-Cambridge wallah.
Always up with the pace, HUMOUROUS never gave up the fight against the ill-fated Box Wallah at Kelso.
Earlier this week they deigned to meet the players, drummed up a diplomacy wallah to soothe their doubts about jetting off to the sub-Continent and granted them a two-day deadline to commit themselves to the first phase of the winter programme.