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Shrimpers assistant-boss Graham Coughlan admitted: "It was a backs to the wall job for us in the second-half, but we're delighted to come away from here with a point.
All of a sudden a game that looked so comfortable for Hibs turned into a real back to wall job - but they held out.
We were down to 10 men and under the cosh, it was a real backs to the wall job, but then Bobby sticks one in the top corner.
Alex Hardy @alexhardy1987 IF that wasn't a backs against the wall job, don't know what is
It was a backs-to-the wall job for most of the game and 'Stute had a couple of chances including a shout for a penalty and goal ruled out late on.
It was a real backs to the wall job," recalls Jones, who had performed brilliantly to deny Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney and Beckham.
We have also been experimenting with stop action videos (two are already up on the website and YouTube) showing a whole major chimney and retaining wall job in a few minutes, and more are planned.
While no color has been chosen, the sheer curtain wall job is being assigned within the next month.
The Wales coach made just three changes to the side that beat England 28-25 at Twickenham last weekend in Pool A to inspire the nation with a real backs to the wall job.
It was a real backs against the wall job and I suppose you have to dig in and get through that.
Stevie Stewart, our captain from last season, came on to shore things up and it was a bit of a backs-to-the wall job even though they didn't really have any clear-cut chances.
It was a defiant backs to the wall job with a depleted side which was rewarded with Dirk Kuyt's last-gasp equaliser.
He ripped through the top order and it was then down to a backs to the wall job to save the game.
It was a backs to the wall job and I thought we did very well.