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Indeed, recently Arizona State professor Gary Pivo released a report showing that the assumed riskiness of walkable urban development is misplaced.
Overweight and obesity, as well, was lowest in the most walkable neighborhoods and fell by 9 percent over 10 years, whereas it rose 13 percent in neighborhoods with the least walkability during that time.
But for a truly walkable, accessible and friendly American streetscape, Speck adds two other key factors: trees and bikes.
In a walkable neighborhood, residents can walk to a grocery store to buy the spaghetti sauce they need for dinner.
Recognizing that public transit never pays its cost directly, LOCUS, a group of developers, wants to expand and add walkable centers by raising local sales taxes, by gaining limited federal tax credit enhancements, and by increasing the group's own contributions.
There are some obvious reasons for the growing demand for walkable neighborhoods: ever-worsening traffic congestion, memories of the 2008 spike in gasoline prices, and the fact that many cities have become more attractive places to live thanks to falling crime rates and the replacement of heavy industries with cleaner, higher-end service and professional economies.
The first walkable city project will involve the connection of the Plaza Colon square and the Tapia Theater with the plot of land between the Sheraton Hotel and the parking structure.
Using $2,000 each and the FHWA publication A Resident's Guide for Creating Safe and Walkable Communities (FHWA-SA-07-016), the communities will implement various projects and activities and then provide feedback on additional resources needed to improve pedestrian safety in neighborhoods.
The joining and walkable element (2) was made from expanded metal and the joint (3) was made with rivets.
Featuring an outer two-buckle, carbon-fiber chassis and a removable inner boot with a walkable sole, the high-end Apex Ski Boot offers what Hanson describes as a quantum leap forward in comfort and warmth.
It explores topics such as how more compact, walkable cities and towns might be created, how local ecosystems can be restored, how social inequalities might be reduced, and how more sustainable forms of economic development can be brought about.
These include developing a blue strategy for the city's brooks, rivers, canals, pools and streams with the aim of making Birmingham's waterways walkable.
Their plan took the best elements of a handful of graceful southern cities like Key West, Charleston and Savannah to create a community based on the tried-and-true concept of walkable, self-contained neighborhoods.
In order to get to a walkable center, you need enough density (people living there) to support shops.
He said he will help strive to make the city more walkable, bikeable, transit friendly, less auto dependent, and one that seeks renewable energy sources.