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Winners Walk Tall is a character building program for today's youth.
So the store, named this year's Scottish Fashion Awards Scottish Retailer of the Year, is teaching them how to walk tall.
A KIND-HEARTED shop owner has pledged to support meningitis survivor Ava Bainbridge to help her walk tall.
Cause a stir as you walk tall with these purple heels from Office costing pounds 88.
London, Feb 18 (ANI): Forget bling-bling or branded clothes, the ladies are drawn to men who walk tall, with their back straight and bottom tucked in.
Whatever happened to me I was going to walk tall and commit to everything that I was doing.
Teenagers can walk tall in these chunky sling-back loafers with silver snaffle trim.
MENINGITIS victim Ava Bainbridge is to be fitted with specialist shoes to help her walk tall.
She always encouraged us, her girls, to walk tall with straight backs and heads up, and in that long hot summer of 1976 she sat under the big canopy in our school yard and taught us to embroider and knit.
Maybe Live Aid will do a benefit for you so you can walk tall again.
If you walk tall this conveys a confident and honest person.
Liverpudlians will always walk tall in a magnificent city forever proud.
Walk tall in platform lace-up trainers that look perfect worn with this season's Capri pants.