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Summary: DUBAI - The first week of the Centrepoint Millionaire raffle draw saw Mr Yi Chen walk away with the coveted prize of Dh100,000.
Justice Minister Maria Eagle said: "Drivers who kill through carelessness will no longer be able to walk away with just a fine.
Summary: One Thousand lucky winners will walk away with tickets to watch Egyptian superstar and Coca-Cola brand ambassador Tamer Hosni, live in, announced the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Jordan
But what I hope you really walk away with is a sense that you have in your hands the ability to make a difference.
I'd rather walk away with a win but I'm ready to walk away,'' Stroh said.
An audible sigh of disappointment swept through spectators at the ninth biennial Paris International Dance Competition when, on December 2, the classical dance jury announced that no contestant would walk away with the Grand Prize of the City of Paris and its 40,000 francs ($5,400) in prize money.
Thirty-two teams and 736 soccer players later, the winner who picks all correctly can walk away with $180,000.
If both men retired that summer, O'Neal would walk away with two years and $61.
It was a major victory to walk away with the stock boy, but I've let Nicollette know that I'm willing to share - the stock boy and my 7UP PLUS, that is," said Marcia Cross.
Although the three Antelope Valley College athletes were unsuccessful, each was able to walk away with a small measure of satisfaction.
Our goal for the 11th annual STAR Tournament is to have everyone who catches a tagged redfish throughout the summer walk away with a lot more than just a fish," said STAR Tournament Director Bill Kinney.
It's not the $1 million that the winner of ``Survivor: The Australian Outback'' will walk away with, but enough to keep people's interest, Rios said.
I was still unloading stuff from my car, and they were already ripping it off, and trying to walk away with it without paying,'' she said.
Walk away with a smile on your face, a lightness in your step, and something tugging at your heart you can't quite put your finger on because you weren't expecting it to be this way.
If it doesn't work out I can walk away with my head up.