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Those who walk away may be exposed to a deficiency lawsuit for as long as six years following the foreclosure in some states.
Some banks, however, are training tellers to use their discretion: if the note-passer doesn't seem to be carrying a weapon or to pose a threat, the teller can simply choose to walk away from the window.
RESEARCHERS AT the University of Michigan have developed a system that automatically encrpts laptop data when their users walk away (or, when laptops "walk away").
With a whopping 407 members recruited as of this writing, Coy could very possibly walk away as the 2001-2002 DAV top membership recruiter for the third consecutive year at the DAV and Auxiliary National Convention in Dallas, Aug.
Spidell Publishing has an excellent book, "Spidell's Guide to Dissolving California Corporations," that discusses when to just walk away and let it die.
An audible sigh of disappointment swept through spectators at the ninth biennial Paris International Dance Competition when, on December 2, the classical dance jury announced that no contestant would walk away with the Grand Prize of the City of Paris and its 40,000 francs ($5,400) in prize money.
But Saggers landed sprawled out, with the force of impact distributed evenly over his body, so he was able to get up and walk away.
The instructional video shows how to program range and timing and how to enter custom commands using sequenced keystrokes for hands free automation of walk away and walk up functionality.
The strike, he added, shows why Scots should not walk away from England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
YOU SAID: Just goes to show why people walk away when things like this happen.
THE problem we have is that David Moores just wants to walk away from the sale of Liverpool FC looking like some sort of saviour.
If you're arriving at work at dawn and leaving after dark, it might be time to walk away.