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wake (up) to something

 and waken to something
to awaken and face something, such as a problem, sunlight, music, noise, etc. I love to wake up to soft music. We woke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.
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This Eastern promise of the bullet-train (the Series 0 "bullet-train" is pictured in action below) arrival should waken us all up.
But coming to in intensive care after a baseball-bat attack by Evel Knievel, the daredevil angered by the Snake River promoter's tell-all book, would tend to waken new perspective in a man, now, wouldn't it?
I don't want to waken up one day and say: 'How am I supposed to play this game?
Merlin is now living by a Spar supermarket in Wales just as a scientist (Tia Carrere) prepares to waken the evil sorcerer Mordred from his 1500-year exile.
But maybe all the flurry about high gas prices and global warming will waken our slumbering environmental consciences and remind us of our call to good stewardship.
The MergePoint 5200 appliance allows enterprises to waken dormant service processor capabilities across heterogeneous systems to securely and efficiently streamline server management.
The pixies, gnomes and fairies have come to play in Pixies Dell, Their dancing in a fairy ring, so happy and so gay, They'll dance until the break of dawn, then softly fade away, You'll know that you have seen them, as you waken from your sleep, For you have got a special dream, that's yours alone to keep, For now you've seen the fairies, the pixies, gnomes as well, Just listen very hard at night, you'll hear the tinkling bell.
YOUR "name the year" items quite often waken old memories.
You see my man snores loudly enough to waken the dead.
It's time for you to waken up and detach yourselves from the English and their terrible politicians.
We've waken up and we're smelling the roses right now,'' defensive lineman Larry Dibbles said.
I just thought he was having a lie-in on his day off but I couldn't waken him.
I hope people waken up to the realities of the euthanasia debate and realise that instead of going along the path of assisted suicide, we should be investing more in healthcare and the hospice movement to give people real dignity as they approach death.
A great gift idea, the FlyLight Notebook USB Light can be quickly attached to your computer for use on airplanes when you do not want to disturb other passengers, in darkened conference rooms when delivering a computer-based presentation, or in bed when you don't want to waken your spouse.
A RETIRED bank manager was told "shush, you'll waken the patients" when he cried with pain in hospital, a medical negligence case heard yesterday.