wake from

wake (up) from something

to awaken from something, such as a sound sleep, sleep, dreams, etc. She woke up from a deep sleep. Elaine woke from her dreams with a start.
See also: wake

wake someone (up) from something

to awaken someone from something, such as a sound sleep, a nap, dreams, etc. Henry woke Fred up from his dreams. He woke up Fred from a deep sleep.
See also: wake
References in classic literature ?
After that I got a little fitful sleep, only to wake from time to time with a start, thinking that I was once more an actor in the terrible events of the last twenty-four hours.
This configuration supports D3cold operation, which requires Mini PCI cards to reduce power consumption in a sleep state while retaining the ability to wake from that sleep state.
The SC1543 is ideal for designers of Mini PCI cards implementing wake-on-ring or wake-on-LAN functionality, which requires the ability to operate in, and wake from, a D3cold state," said Eddie Yeow, director of portable product marketing for Semtech Corp.
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