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clear waivers

To be unclaimed by another professional club and therefore liable to be assigned to a minor-league club or released.
See also: clear, waiver

on waivers

In a state of being available for claiming by other professional clubs.
See also: on, waiver
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The Pirates had won only one of their previous seven League games at the Memorial Stadium, losing five of them, but the backing from the stands never waivered.
Readers will notice that the percentage of beverage alcohol consumers has not waivered far from mid-60 percent, save for a dip in the late '80s.
And yet they've never waivered in their commitment to serve the DOD for nearly nine decades.
In a statement today, the directorate defended its decision, saying that the sanctioned fishermen waivered their licences, in breach of decree-law 20 for 2002 on regulating fishing and protecting marine resources.
She spoke to the pope and the nation with eye contact that never waivered as she delivered what was, in the 1970s, a minority opinion.
But Boro's support never waivered, still urging their team on at the final whistle.
Best Home Care is a PCPO, PCA Choice, and Waivered Service Provider and a member of the Minnesota Home Care Association.
Basil never waivered to play his role as brother and uncle to my three daughters by keeping in touch and visiting as much as possible.
My friends will tell you I always say, "I would rather be lucky than good," but my luck slightly waivered when the buck shattered half of his G-2 as he expired.
For all tickets sent via Special Delivery, the 90p booking fee will be waivered.
What we have reached in Tunisia is the result of patience and fortitude and a party which waivered power to serve our country's interests" - in reference to an-Nahda, an Islamist affiliate of the MB.
MP, of the state of law, Saleh al-Hasnawi said, at a joint news conference with the House of Representatives Khalaf Abdul Samad and Jassim Mohammed Jaafar today " the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani in the conference with the Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, said that the 150 000 barrels, which the region pledged to provide to federal government is from Kirkuk oilfields not from the fields of the region, as Barzani pointed that the central Ministry of Oil waivered Kirkuk oilfields to the Kurds and Kirkuk and its oil subsidiary of the province.
In a survey performed by Orexo among DATA2000 waivered physicians, who are less active in treating opioid dependent patients, initiation of treatment was cited as the main challenge when treating patients for opioid dependence by more than 40-percent of the respondents.
Stein, who is a practicing psychiatrist, says it's no surprise that reimbursement plays a key role in the treatment's use, but lack of reimbursement also translates into fewer waivered physicians in a community.
Attorney Tom Quarles, co-counsel for the plaintiffs, said they maintain the Legislature never meant to include federally waivered services like area agencies under managed care and that it clashes fundamentally with the law mandating area agencies, which provide the services through contracts with the state.