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clear waivers

To be unclaimed by another professional club and therefore liable to be assigned to a minor-league club or released.
See also: clear, waiver

on waivers

In a state of being available for claiming by other professional clubs.
See also: on, waiver
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2) The I-601A Waiver can be submitted by an individual while in the U.
Some waivers are agreed upon during the design phase of an IP and some are new waivers to a silicon-proven IP due to design rule changes that cause DRC (design rule check) failure in the IP.
Washington will find out soon, since it became the first to lose its federal waiver.
Likewise, Wenger and Hodari (2004) find that although waiver status does predict attrition for sailors, it is not nearly as strong a predictor as being a heavy smoker, having a General Educational Development (GED) Test, or being a high school dropout.
Although the parental liability waiver has long been the accepted release form for an organization hosting activities for minors from day camp to travel sports, the Michigan Supreme Court noted that a parent or guardian has no authority to bind his child by contract (absent special circumstances), and a parental pre-injury waiver is a contract.
This "deeming" of income and resources is to the Medicaid recipient and may be waived to allow Medicaid eligibility under the waiver to be considered similar to the methods used for people who are residing in an intermediate care facility for individuals with mental retardation (ICF-MR).
We are hopeful the state has contacted the federal government to get them to agree (the penalties) should not be taken away from the waiver funding," Kerr said.
However, Hackett warns that waiver is a "sleeper" issue that will come back to haunt people who don't recognize the consequences of turning over privileged documents to auditors.
The dissent took issue with the majority's focus on the legal consequences of waiver and default under the lease, maintaining that only the legal consequences of a default under the guaranty were relevant.
To date, the IRS has identified only three areas in which general waivers will be granted:
the Legislature to enact legislation expressly authorizing pre-dispute jury waivers.
6 of this Guidance states that "it is no longer required to obtain a waiver from the Milestone Decision Authority to cite military specifications and standards in solicitations and contracts.
In her erudite and readable book, she shows that the waiver experiments carried out by many states and evaluated by a variety of think tanks, universities and research organizations during the late 1980s and early 1990s to test "what works" in welfare, were in fact shaped by political agendas.
In revenue procedure 2003-16, the IRS explained how taxpayers can apply for a waiver of the 60-day rollover period and when a situation merits an automatic waiver.
Plagued by cumbersome paperwork and delays, the federal waiver process frustrated states for years.