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Waits concedes that he's influenced by Alan Lomax' field recordings from the '30s and '40s which he often listens to at home.
The action against Tandem Campany Guasch -- a groundbreaking copyright judgment for the Spanish courts -- is the latest in a line of successful legal actions Waits has taken to prevent his music and image from being associated with commercial products.
The wait was two days longer than in the summer and six days longer than the same time last year.
A spokesman added that patients were more concerned about how long they had to wait than how many other people were on the list.
Waits seems not to have considered the problems inherent in a simplistic secular/religious dichotomy, or even the possibility that the "secular" activities he cites may have significant religious underpinnings.
Treatment waits were about 11-percent higher than they were the following year.
A strictly-enforced government target ensures practically all English patients wait less than six months for an o p e ra t i o n .
The figures are those for up to the end of February, with a Welsh Assembly Government target that by the end of this month nobody will wait more than 12 months for treatment or first appointment.
If I started making patients wait an excessive amount of time, I'm sure I'd lose a number of them.
The keys to improving airport satisfaction across the globe require improving passenger facilitation, managing wait times and providing an environment where airport passengers can be productive.
The new report concludes there has been considerable progress in reducing long waits and addressing their causes, but further action is needed to manage known risks if reduced waiting times are to be delivered and sustained.
Prof Janet Husband, President of the Royal College of Radiologists, said: "Although this data indicates that there are still lengthy waits for some diagnostic tests, it is gratifying to see that progress has been made.
And patients waiting for their first hospital appointment are also being seen quicker, with shorter waits to see a consultant.
This does not include waits of up to 30 minutes just to get the ``queuing number'' for the marathon wait for a clerk.
Keeping vigil for God's reign is as personal, intimate, essential, and fulfilling as the woman who waits on the hope of the womb.