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But Swinney said: "The reality is that more than 3000 people have waited more than a year - something Ministers know to be true, because these are their own figures.
That is why we re-focused NHS Scotland on reducing waiting times rather than waiting lists, targeting in particular those at the end of the queue who have waited longest.
And no patient has waited longer than 12 months for in-patient and day case treatment, in line with the Patients' Charter.
This was her second stop of the morning, having waited two hours at the Disney Store to get one of 102 Dalmatians Beanie Babies being sold.
At the end of February, 368 people had waited more than 18 months for treatment and 3,381 had waited more than 18 months for a first outpatient appointment.
More than 212,000 patients are waiting to see a consultant and almost 70,000 of them have waited more than six months.
She said the time people waited for treatment was more important than the number on the list.
One aunt who suffers heart problems waited several hours a few months ago.
The list of patients who have waited the longest for hospital treatment has been cut to just 21 people, it was revealed today.
Just before Labour came to power at Westminster in 1997, patients waited an average 34 days for treatment.
22 procrastinators waited in line at the Simi Valley post office to send returns and payments by certified mail, while others stepped in into the more fast-moving mail-drop line.
Latest figures show half of the patients admitted to hospital for an operation from a waiting list had waited for only 11 weeks.
Reached late Tuesday afternoon, Kissinger said she blamed herself for the accident, but maintained that trains have waited for her twice before.
Many patients who would not otherwise have been seen until they had waited 18 months will now receive a significantly earlier offer of treatment.
She said they had come the day before and waited 1-1/2 hours only to find out they had the wrong appointment time.