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In addition to wait times, shoppers were asked if the amount of time they waited in line would affect their desire to return to the same location.
Waits for medical services differ by region, and these differences are closely associated with per-capita health-care spending.
A long examination room wait time was defined as more than 10 minutes.
The aptly named Wait a While reminded California fans of the power of Pletcher, the 2004 and '05 Eclipse Award trainer and the top earner of '06.
Make sure you sort it out with your BFF first, then wait a little while before you approach your crush.
InQuicker provides projected treatment times to patients and enables them to wait from the comfort of home rather than the waiting room.
Health Minister Malcolm Chisholm said: "By the end of next year, no patient with a guarantee should have to wait longer than nine months for in- patient and day care treatment, compared to the present maximum of 12 months.
It highlighted a worst case scenario where one patient in the emergency unit of Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales had to wait nearly 25 hours for treatment.
5 million residents, and in conjunction with the rollout of the wait time information system that will track and report on wait times for key health procedures.
However, more needs to be done to eradicate regional varia- tions in waiting times and the time some patients still have to wait for diagnosis and therapy.
You cannot do anything about it, so you have to sit there and just wait.
But the Government still failed again to meet old targets on cutting the length of time some people were being made to wait for treatment.
They did not wait any longer for elective surgery than patients in the highest socio-economic group.
The growing use of the wait list by many selective colleges is looking a good deal like this to us: a blatant effort to better the odds of increasing one institution's gain, to the disadvantage of its competitors.
The Department of Health has pledged no one should wait more than six months for an operation by 2004.