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freeze someone's wages

Fig. to hold someone's pay at its current level. The company froze everyone's wages as soon as the economy went sour.
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The wages of sin is death.

Prov. Doing bad things can get you in a lot of trouble. Serves him right. I always said, "The wages of sin is death."
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wage something against someone or something

to carry on something against someone or a group. They waged war against the aggressors. Are you still waging your battle against your father?
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wages of sin, the

The results or consequences of evildoing, as in She ate all of the strawberries and ended up with a terrible stomachache-the wages of sin, no doubt . This expression comes from the New Testament, where Paul writes to the Romans (6:23): "The wages of sin is death." Today it is often used more lightly, as in the example.
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The 8 percent and 12 percent increase of the minimum wage and guaranteed minimum wage, respectively, as of 1 January 2018 as well as tax reductions will this year also help narrow the gap with wages in the region.
However, it is clarified that such proposal is not part of the Code on Wages Bill," it said.
Quoting government data, the labor leader said 6 million minimum wage earners in Metro Manila needed a significant wage increase to cope with the sharp rise in the cost of living.
com/whos-cheating-american-workers-federal-contractors-stealing-wages-putting-workers-2502551) Read: Federal Contractors Stealing Wages, Putting Workers In Danger, Report Says
Our first question asks: Among the workers at a "typical" firm, as defined by median wage, is there a great deal of variation in either wages or skills?
Republican opposition to a statewide minimum wage is backed by the powerful business lobby, which has argued that raising the minimum wage through government action is unsustainable for small businesses that then have to raise wages for all employees or reduce the number of positions available to keep up with wage hikes.
We use the OES rather than the most common source of overall average wages, Current Employment Statistics (CES), because the CES lacks the occupational detail we need for the decomposition.
Upon effectivity of this Wage Order, all private sector minimum wage workers and employees in the National Capital Region shall receive an increase in the existing Basic Wage in the amount of P15 per day," said Avila.
The possible advantages of higher minimum wages appear from the higher wages for concerned employees.
Of course, to run their businesses successfully, employers must offer competitive wages that attract, keep, and motivate quality workers.
What is worse is minimum wage workers have seen the purchasing power of their earnings decline since 1968, when the minimum wage hit its peak.
whose wages are at or below the federal minimum wage of $7.
This page looks at wage gaps among individuals--which contribute, of course, to wage gaps among households.
Suppose, for instance, that 10 potential hires have reservation wages below $5 and another candidate has a S6 reservation wage.
The fact is that poor Americans are not willing to work for depressed wages when state-sponsored welfare is readily available.