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lay a wager

1. To make a bet. A: "There's no doubt in my mind that my team will beat yours in the championship!" B: "Oh yeah? Care to lay a wager on that?"
2. To be completely sure of something. I'd lay a wager that Jeremy tries to skip out on paying me back for dinner.
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lay odds

1. To offer a bet with favorable odds to other bettors. Bookmakers are laying odds that the company's new smartphone outsells its competitors 2:1.
2. To assert complete certainty about something. I'll lay odds that Jeremy tries to skip out on paying me back for dinner.
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wager on someone or something

to bet on someone or something. I wouldn't want to wager on the outcome. I'll wager on Bill, the fastest runner in town.
See also: on, wager

wager something on someone or something

to bet a certain amount of money on someone or something. I'll wager twenty bucks on you. I would never wager anything on that horse!
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lay a wager

see under lay odds.
See also: lay, wager

lay odds

Make a bet on terms favorable to the other party, as in I'll lay odds that it will rain before the week is out. [c. 1600] The closely related lay a wager means "make a bet," as in He laid a wager that Don would be late. [c. 1300]
See also: lay, odds

lay (or give) odds

1 offer a bet with odds favourable to the other person betting. 2 be very sure about something.
The opposite of lay odds in sense 1 is take odds which means ‘offer a bet with odds unfavourable to the other person betting’.
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wager on

1. To place a wager of some amount on some event: I wagered $10 on the first race of the evening.
2. To place a wager of some amount on some participant in an event: I wagered $10 on the Detroit Tigers.
3. To place a wager or bet on some event: I wagered on the last race of the evening but lost.
4. To place a wager or bet on some participant in an event: I wagered on the Chicago Bears and doubled my money.
5. To expect or feel sure that something will happen: You can wager on Chris being late to the meeting.
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References in classic literature ?
Know that I have laid a wager with the King that ye can outshoot the best five whom he has found in all his bowmen.
Then turning to his five victorious archers, who had drawn near, he added, "Ye have heard, my men, how that I have a wager with the Queen upon your prowess.
com, both members of the BetCorp Group of Companies , PXP(TM) -- Play-by-Play wagering offers sports gambling enthusiasts the opportunity to make various individual wagers on every single play during a live football game.
The markets will be offered in multiple languages, and wagers will be accepted in multiple currencies.
The agreement is effective January 1, 2007, however TVG has already begun televising and accepting account wagers on races from the Meadowlands.
TVG maintained that Youbet should pay license fees for any wagers placed by Youbet's customers on the tracks listed in the agreement, regardless of whether or not TVG had an exclusive arrangement in place with said track (such as Laurel Park and Pimlico Racecourse).
LAS VEGAS -- Progressive Gaming International Corporation (NASDAQ: PGIC) (the "Company") a leading provider of diversified products and services used in the gaming industry worldwide announced today that the Palms Hotel and Casino, host of the current live wager field trial for Rapid Bet Live Wireless, has begun accepting live wagers on mobile betting devices.
said today that the cross promotion agreement it entered into with Harrah's Louisiana Downs Race Track at the start of its 2006 season has resulted in a 53% increase in the year-over-year average daily handle that Youbet has generated for the track over the first 80 days of its 93-day meet, with substantially higher percentage increases on days when Youbet assigns double Youbet Advantage(SM) points to wagers on Harrah's Louisiana Downs races.
PK:CGKY), through its Brazilian subsidiary, has installed satellite antennas and related equipment at its Campos off track betting agency, and on Friday August 18th started accepting wagers on races broadcasted simultaneously from multiple North American tracks.
The new dashboard eliminates the multiple page approach to wagers and puts virtually everything a customer needs to wager on one easy-to-navigate wager pad.
2 million in wagers last Saturday, the day that Bernardini raced to victory in the 131st Preakness Stakes at Pimlico.
Karrell has advised the Company that it generated more than $110 million in horse racing wagers in 2005 and its revenues generated from the wagering are $35 million.
For its part, Youbet will promote the Bossier City oval's racing cards to its growing database of account wagering customers with double Youbet Advantage(TM) points for wagers placed on races every Thursday and Friday at the Harrah's track this year and in 2007.
Pink Sheets: CGKY), is now accepting wagers on multiple international simulcast racetracks at its Campos Off Track Betting Agency in Brazil.
Karrell the holding company for a fully licensed Australian wagering services company, Capital Play Pty Limited, provides access to North American pari-mutuel horse racing pools for its customers and advised AskMeNow that it generated more than $110 million in horse racing wagers in 2005.