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lay a wager

1. To make a bet. A: "There's no doubt in my mind that my team will beat yours in the championship!" B: "Oh yeah? Care to lay a wager on that?"
2. To be completely sure of something. I'd lay a wager that Jeremy tries to skip out on paying me back for dinner.
See also: lay, wager

lay odds

1. To offer a bet with favorable odds to other bettors. Bookmakers are laying odds that the company's new smartphone outsells its competitors 2:1.
2. To assert complete certainty about something. I'll lay odds that Jeremy tries to skip out on paying me back for dinner.
See also: lay, odds

wager on someone or something

to bet on someone or something. I wouldn't want to wager on the outcome. I'll wager on Bill, the fastest runner in town.
See also: on, wager

wager something on someone or something

to bet a certain amount of money on someone or something. I'll wager twenty bucks on you. I would never wager anything on that horse!
See also: on, wager

lay a wager

see under lay odds.
See also: lay, wager

lay odds

Make a bet on terms favorable to the other party, as in I'll lay odds that it will rain before the week is out. [c. 1600] The closely related lay a wager means "make a bet," as in He laid a wager that Don would be late. [c. 1300]
See also: lay, odds

lay (or give) odds

1 offer a bet with odds favourable to the other person betting. 2 be very sure about something.
The opposite of lay odds in sense 1 is take odds which means ‘offer a bet with odds unfavourable to the other person betting’.
See also: lay, odds

wager on

1. To place a wager of some amount on some event: I wagered $10 on the first race of the evening.
2. To place a wager of some amount on some participant in an event: I wagered $10 on the Detroit Tigers.
3. To place a wager or bet on some event: I wagered on the last race of the evening but lost.
4. To place a wager or bet on some participant in an event: I wagered on the Chicago Bears and doubled my money.
5. To expect or feel sure that something will happen: You can wager on Chris being late to the meeting.
See also: on, wager
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Featuring a robust software, PXP(TM) Wagering is available after each play at which time odds are posted on the wagering interface, allowing sports bettors multiple proposition wagers.
In addition to live horseracing, TVG features commentary, interviews, in-depth race analysis, handicapping and wagering tutorials, and originally produced programming for racing's major events.
NASDAQ: GMST) has exclusive agreements for television and interactive wagering with the following racetracks: Aqueduct, Arlington Park, Belmont Park, Calder, Churchill Downs, Del Mar, Ellis Park, Emerald Downs, Evangeline Downs, Fair Grounds, Fairplex Park, Hollywood Park, Hoosier Park, Japan Racing Association, Keeneland, Kentucky Downs, Los Alamitos, Meadowlands Racetrack, Monmouth Park, Oak Tree at Santa Anita, Prairie Meadows, Ruidoso Downs, Saratoga Raceway, Saratoga Race Course, Turf Paradise, Turfway Park and Zia Park.
I would like to express my special appreciation to Hu Plummer, who will be retiring as president from Automated Wagering," said Lippon.
Automated Wagering provides on-line wagering systems and services to eight states, including Delaware, Florida, Minnesota, Montana, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Washington state, to the Norwegian National Lottery and to two off-track betting jurisdictions in the state of New York.
The company's Players Trust(SM) revolutionized advanced deposit wagering by placing player deposits in the custody of a major U.
Such factors include, without limitation, the following: our successful integration of United Tote; the timely development and market acceptance of new products and technologies; our ability to secure financing on terms acceptable to us; our ability to control operating expenses; increased competition in the advance deposit wagering business; a decline in the public acceptance of wagering; wagering ceasing to be approved in jurisdictions where Youbet currently operates; the limitation, conditioning or suspension of any of Youbet's licenses; increases in or new taxes imposed on wagering revenues; and a decline in the general economy.
The Racing Trust Mark is a component of the IFHA Action Plan to promote authorized wagering.
The Racing Trust Mark identifies us as a good global wagering citizen and helps distinguish Youbet from off-shore bookmakers that cause unfair competition by operating outside the law without agreement of the tracks or economic return to the horsemen," said Youbet President and CEO Charles F.
Our online network has experienced a substantial increase in harness wagering over the past two years," said Youbet CEO Charles F.
They will regularly appear in online promotions at the company's wagering website and they will offer harness bettors exclusive "driver-side" comments in Youbet's Harness Racing Insider.
5%, making it the second largest race day total - behind this year's Kentucky Derby - in the online wagering company's history.
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