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lay a wager

1. To make a bet. A: "There's no doubt in my mind that my team will beat yours in the championship!" B: "Oh yeah? Care to lay a wager on that?"
2. To be completely sure of something. I'd lay a wager that Jeremy tries to skip out on paying me back for dinner.
See also: lay, wager

wager on someone or something

to bet on someone or something. I wouldn't want to wager on the outcome. I'll wager on Bill, the fastest runner in town.
See also: on, wager

wager something on someone or something

to bet a certain amount of money on someone or something. I'll wager twenty bucks on you. I would never wager anything on that horse!
See also: on, wager

lay a wager

see under lay odds.
See also: lay, wager

lay odds

Make a bet on terms favorable to the other party, as in I'll lay odds that it will rain before the week is out. [c. 1600] The closely related lay a wager means "make a bet," as in He laid a wager that Don would be late. [c. 1300]
See also: lay, odds

wager on

1. To place a wager of some amount on some event: I wagered $10 on the first race of the evening.
2. To place a wager of some amount on some participant in an event: I wagered $10 on the Detroit Tigers.
3. To place a wager or bet on some event: I wagered on the last race of the evening but lost.
4. To place a wager or bet on some participant in an event: I wagered on the Chicago Bears and doubled my money.
5. To expect or feel sure that something will happen: You can wager on Chris being late to the meeting.
See also: on, wager
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Although one of the dinner wagerers still holds out hope, Rubin expects to collect on both bets.
To help educate novice wagerers, Hoosier Park produces a racing program with both the traditional-but-cryptic racing charts along with race information presented in English.
Racetracks also face increasing competition for wagerers, both from Internet gaming, which has driven a declining trend of the satellite wagering component of the authority's net revenues, and from regional Indian gaming casinos.
Throngs of wagerers each buying $5, $50, up to $250 in personal and pooled tickets for a 41 million-to-1 chance of winning on each dollar.
He, together with two college friends, Derrick Davis and Glen DaSilva, attempted to steal some $3 million-plus from their fellow Pick Six wagerers around the country.
In spite of the continued weakness in the economy, we are encouraged by several key long term growth metrics including a 14% year-over-year increase in new customer acquisition - delivered through our highly efficient ROI-based acquisition channels - coupled with a 6% year-over-year increase in the average number of active weekly wagerers on the platform," said Youbet President and Chief Executive Officer David Goldberg.
Average number of weekly unique wagerers increased 7% year-over-year