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wading bird

A type of bird with long legs and a long neck that is typically found in shallow water. Examples include the crane and the stork. Look at all that wading bird near the shore. I think it might be a heron.
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wade in(to someone or something)

1. Literally, to climb into and begin moving through water. Despite my nervousness, I closed my eyes and waded into the ocean.
2. To join something that is already in progress. Don't wade into their debate unless you want to talk about politics for the rest of the night.
3. To begin to do something with energy and determination. She rolled up her sleeves and waded right in to help us with our baking mishap.
4. To lash out at someone or something. I'm not surprised Maria waded into you with some nasty insults—that girl is mean.
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wade through (something)

1. To physically try to move through some area or substance that restricts forward progress. Wading through waist-high water is quite a workout!
2. By extension, to struggle to do or complete something (usually due to some factor that is slowing down progress). Look at all these files! I'll never be able to wade through them in one day.
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wade across something

to walk across something covered by water. Let's wade across the stream at this point. If I wade across it, I will get wet.
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wade in

 (to something)
1. to walk into an area covered by water. The horse waded right into the stream. It waded right in.
2. Fig. to get quickly and directly involved in something. (Fig. on {2}.) Don't just wade into things. Stop and think about what you are doing. Just wade in and get started.
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wade through something

1. to walk with effort through a substance, such as water, mud, garbage, etc. The soldiers waded through the mud on the way to battle. They waded through the mess to get to where they were going.
2. Fig. to struggle through something with difficulty. (Fig. on {2}.) You mean I have to wade through all these applications? I have to wade through forty term papers in the next two days.
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wade in

Also, wade into. Plunge into, begin or attack resolutely and energetically, as in She waded into that pile of correspondence. This idiom transfers entering water to beginning some action. [Mid-1800s]
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wade in

1. To walk into a substance, such as water, that hinders normal movement: Unable to reach the buoy from the shore, I waded in toward it.
2. To join or intervene in an ongoing conflict, debate, or controversy: The government waded in to settle the contract dispute.
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wade into

1. To walk into something, such as water, that impedes normal movement: The child waded into the ocean.
2. To join or intervene in some ongoing conflict, debate, or controversy: The government waded into the dispute and forced a resolution. The mayor waded into the debate to elaborate on a few points.
3. To become increasingly involved in some effort: The committee waded into the task.
4. To attack someone or something verbally or physically: The supervisor waded into me with a vehement attack.
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wade through

1. To walk through something, such as water, that hinders normal movement: We waded through the water.
2. To proceed through something with great difficulty or effort: I waded through a boring report.
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Wade consulted more and more with him, relied more and more upon his judgment.
Wade toiled early and late, doing part of the chores and double her share of the Spring plowing that Martin, as well as Nellie, could attend school in Fallon.
The Wades retired to Largo Florida where she lived for over 25 years before moving to Texas in 1995 to live with her son and then her daughter.
On February 20, 1998, the Wades filed suit against Dr.
The court held, inter alia, that the Wades failed to submit sufficient evidence for the court to submit the Wades' allegations of negligence in the monitoring and delivery of Daniel to the jury.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: Despite many reasons for the jury to have found for the Wades, and award damages as it did, there was a wide gap between the allegations of negligence made by the Wades and the evidence they submitted that the allegedly negligent conduct of the physician and nurses involved in the delivery was not in accord with the applicable standard of care, and was the direct and proximate cause of Daniel's condition.
wades deep into New Mexico's San Juan River, home to browns, rainbows and other species of trout.
Fish stack up below your feet, feeding on the larva and worms you kick up from the bottom as you wade.
The thin crust of ice that has formed in the shallows cracks as we wade toward prime fishing spots such as Baetis Bend or Lunker Alley.
But newly unearthed documents detail Malloy's meetings with company officials and with Wade - and also raise new questions about Wade's financial connections to Cigna.
Soon after the launch of the ethics probe about whether Wade must recuse herself from the regulatory review, the Department of Justice filed a (http://www.
com/document/322778045/Common-Cause-6-6-16) after Connecticut Common Cause called for the ethics probe of Wade over her ties to Cigna.
Their new shop, Wade Smith Outlet, has opened in India Buildings' swanky Holt's Arcade.
The new Wade Smith shop arose out of a setback a year ago when their Hope Street studio was burgled and stock for the online launch was stolen.
Michael Tapp, director of Green Property, said: "We're very pleased indeed to welcome Wade Smith to Holt's Arcade.