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culture vulture

Someone who has an avid interest in the arts. Helen is quite the culture vulture. She attends the theater at least once a month.
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culture vulture

someone whom one considers to be excessively interested in the (classical) arts. She won't go to a funny film. She's a real culture vulture. They watch only highbrow television. They're culture vultures.
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a culture vulture

someone who is very keen to see and experience art, theatre, literature, music etc. She's a bit of a culture vulture. She'll only visit places that have at least one art gallery.
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culture vulture

An individual with a consuming or excessive interest in the arts. For example, A relentless culture vulture, she dragged her children to every museum in town. This slangy term may have been originated by Ogden Nash, who wrote: "There is a vulture Who circles above The carcass of culture" ( Free Wheeling, 1931). [1940s]
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1. n. an avid supporter of the arts. Many culture-vultures seem to be long on enthusiasm and short on taste.
2. n. someone who exploits the arts for monetary gain. Some culture-vultures are throwing a wine and cheese party on behalf of some of the young dolts they have grubstaked.
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For the past six years, black vultures Barry and Vanessa have been close friends, if not lovebirds, at the Kirkleatham Owl Centre.
Arif Ahmed Khan, Secretary, Ministry of Climate Change, who was the chief guest on the occasion, said that vulture is a unique bird bestowed with a natural ability to absorb all types of carcasses filled diseases and viruses yet able to digest and provide a dead-end to those, for a cleaner environment.
5, visitors to the Cascades Raptor Center can visit the two resident turkey vultures - Kali and Lethe - and take part in interactive events to better understand "vulture culture.
One third of the pairs of Egyptian vultures left on the Balkan peninsula reside in Bulgaria.
Black Vultures are commonly more abundant than other vulture species in urban areas in Brazil, and are present in Manaus at the highest number in relation to Turkey Vultures (Novaes 2013, Novaes and Cintra 2013).
Although the threats to the local Egyptian vultures appears to be minimal and the
The contract is to project copyright designation responsible for the complete study mission and monitoring of renovation and conversion of ground floor and 1st floor of the rear building of social housing complex SIS Vulture Street Vulture 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54 and 58, 1000 Brussels, in a sustainable and ecological visionThe budget of the work is 1992 381.
The zoo, in conjunction with the forestry department has been running a breeding programme for the Griffon Vulture, and last year's young Griffon 'Sol', was the first to be raised successfully by the breeding pair.
The American black vulture swooped on five-month-old Cruz Conway and clawed at him as he lay in his pram.
Up until the American Black Vulture struck, she and her husband Phil, with their four-yearold son, Zak, and baby, Cruz, had been enjoying a family day out at the safari park.
The Vulture 2 was designed by post-graduate aeronautical design students at The University of Southampton and produced with industrial-scale 3D printing equipment.
When Vulture asked Eulich if it is possible that Sookie ended with Rich, Eulich said that he was thinking about that, and he does not see it as a "terribly far-fetched" idea.
com)-- Vulture Equipment Works, the manufacturer of American-made high-end adventure and imaging equipment, is announcing the official launch of its new collection of specialty knives.
28 ( ANI ): Addressing the issue of declining vulture population in the country, a wildlife group along with the West Bengal Government organised a workshop recently to create awareness on usage of a harmful drug and its effect on the vulture population.
ISLAMABAD -- After the devastation wrought by a drug on Asian vulture populations, a project hopes to begin releasing captive-bred birds into the wild by 2016, BBC reported.