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Get ready to punch the dial pad and vote for your favorite Idol contestant.
But there are still diehards who insist on casting their votes in a booth, pen in hand.
Moreover, because all the encrypted votes are posted on the Web with no violation of their secrecy, outsiders have a way to independently perform tallies on the encrypted data, Adida explains.
Another retail vote fraud technique, this one used by vote counters, is "the short pencil"--where a vote counter conceals pencil lead under a fingernail to make additional marks on a ballot in order to invalidate one or more votes by causing "over-votes.
These broker votes overwhelmingly follow management's recommendations," says Latham, who considers the practice a corporate form of ballot stuffing.
Yet he mentions it only once, on page 221, in a disparaging aside that references a made-up statistic of 36,000 allegedly suspect votes in 2000 (unsourced, to boot).
In April 2004, the League of Women Voters began a survey of local and state election officials in a number of targeted states to identify potential problems that could put the votes of eligible voters at risk.
After reaching 32,000, the maximum number of votes that that particular software program could handle, the machine started subtracting votes instead of adding them.
My votes are randomly assigned based on the interaction of our voting machines, the Miami-Dade Election Commission, and passing UFOs.
OK, if we can shave off 1,000 black votes here and 500 black votes there, that's how" we're going to win.
It calls for each state to appoint a group of electors, the people who cast the official votes for President and Vice President.
The biggest single reality of the Electoral College is that the states can choose how to cast their electoral votes, and that almost all states choose to cast their electoral votes as a bloc on a winner-take-all basis -- from the 3 votes possessed by Wyoming and six other states, all the way up to the 54 cast by California.
Throughout any period during which any Alumax class C common stock was outstanding, each share of the class B common stock (held by the Mitsui Group) had one vote, and each share of the class C common stock (held by the Amax Group) had four votes, on each matter submitted to the Alumax shareholders.