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vote with feet

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vote with one's feet
Fig. to express one's dissatisfaction with something by leaving, especially by walking away. I think that the play is a total flop. Most of the audience voted with its feet during the second act. I am prepared to vote with my feet if the meeting appears to be a waste of time.
See also: feet, vote

vote with your feet
to show that you do not support something, especially an organization or a product, by not using or not buying it any more Parents are voting with their feet and moving their children to schools where there is better discipline.
See also: feet, vote

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@thetownplanner: Customers vote with feet (or car) + like out town convenience.
Thankless staff vote with feet A THIRD of workers are almost never thanked or rewarded for their contribution to the business, even though this would make many more loyal to their employers.

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