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John Bryden (Liberal): I would suggest that for every Parliament each MP be entitled to submit one private members bill and that bill be deemed votable if it meets the appropriate criteria.
I would further add that I agree that every member should have the opportunity in a Parliament to have a bill that is votable but I deplore this practice that we have now where members put in trivial bills, tie up the legislative counsel of the House for bills that will never advance and they have no intention of advancing.
Real Menard (Bloc Quebecois): I think that every bill should be votable, but not necessarily debated for three hours.
If a bill is not frivolous, if it is not hateful in what it seeks, it should be votable, should the MP so desire.
The most frustrating thing was that we often had 10 items in front of us and only room for two that could be votable, when there were maybe five, six or seven that deserved to be votable.
On the other hand, when the Subcommittee appears before the Committee on Procedure and House Affairs, if there is room for six votable items, well, there have to be six of them.
Everything should be votable because I do not see how we can ever come up with something that would be seen as fair by all our colleagues.
I think Private Members' items should be votable, even though like the rest of you I might think some of them are far-fetched.
So I think to have every Private Members' Bill votable is a worthy concept, but the system has to change beyond that in order for that Private's Members' Bill to be dealt with respect and through the parliamentary process.
Ken Epp (Canadian Alliance): You cannot be chosen votable unless you actually get drawn.
Carolyn Parrish (Liberal): I want to suggest that you be careful what you wish for because my distinct feeling is, if all bills become votable the lobbying you will be subjected to will burn you out.
But, if you are going to have everything votable, that is an irrelevant suggestion.
If you make them all votable I think you have to rework the criteria and leaving it to table officers is a cop-out.