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army volunteer

To select, nominate, or assign someone to carry out a task or duty that they are unwilling or unprepared to undertake. My boss always army volunteers me to pick up lunch for the office.
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volunteer as something

to submit oneself as a person ready or willing to do something. Would you be willing to volunteer as a marcher? I will volunteer as a helper in the hospital.
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volunteer for something

1. to submit oneself for some task without being asked. Ivolunteered for the job. I didn't volunteer for this.
2. to work as an unpaid volunteer for a charity, etc. On Sundays she volunteers as a receptionist at the hospital.
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The President's Volunteer Service Award recognizes Americans of all ages who have volunteered significant amounts of their time to serve their communities and their country.
He recently volunteered at the flight simulator held at the Aerospace Walk of Honor last week.
In the 1998 general election, 360 county employees volunteered.
In Glendale, 27 people, including artists from the Cartoon Network, volunteered to work alongside teen-agers at Bliss Unlimited, a nonprofit organization that co-founder Linda Maxwell called a ``youth business academy in a retail environment.
In the early 60s they volunteered and I've been here since then,'' Linder said.
For the last five years, Berger has volunteered his gardening skills at three San Fernando Valley schools.
They will never persuade some of us that they were drafted, rather than volunteered for the position and the taxpayer is thus responsible.
Finally, Brittney and a group of her friends volunteered to pick up trash scattered around a local park and in other areas of her community.