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A complete change of opinion or belief. The phrase comes from the Italian term voltafaccia. Everyone was surprised when the candidate made a complete volte-face on her stance on taxes.

a volte-ˈface

(from French, formal) a complete change of opinion or plan: This represents a volte-face in government policy.This is a French adaptation of an Italian phrase and refers to turning to face the opposite direction.
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Carl Volte, Wellpoint's director of health care policy and analysis, said the company is not opposed to the recommendations themselves, but would oppose legislation that could come out of it that would encumber the managed-care industry or significantly increase health care costs.
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VoLTE facilitates far richer, multi-media voice services, increasing the service quality by offering HD Voice and interest delivered to consumers globally.
Switching between a VoLTE call and a standard CDMA call was like night and day, with the VoLTE call just sounding a whole lot better.
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