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fill a/the void

To replace someone or something that is absent or missing. No, we got that project done—Rebecca filled the void while you were on vacation. If Mike doesn't play sports this year, what will fill the void besides his trouble-making friends?
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null and void

No longer valid, legitimate, or enforceable. This contract shall be rendered null and void immediately should either party fail to fulfil their obligations.
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null and void

Cliché without legal force; having no legal effect. The court declared the law to be null and void. The millionaire's will was null and void because it was unsigned.
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null and void

Canceled, invalid, as in The lease is now null and void. This phrase is actually redundant, since null means "void," that is, "ineffective." It was first recorded in 1669.
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ˌnull and ˈvoid

(formal) (of a legal agreement) no longer effective or valid: The contract was declared null and void.
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Conclusion: Repeating uroflowmetry exhibits a minor improvement in maximum and average flow rates, and voided values in men, while a significant decrease was noted in time to void.
If a resident's bladder volume and voided amounts are persistently low, on the other hand, this might prompt an effort to increase his or her fluid intake.
Supplies reportedly used by all respondents included sterile water or sterile normal saline to fill the bladder, a 10 cc syringe to deflate the balloon and discontinue the Foley catheter, and a measuring device to collect the fluid voided (urinal, hat in toilet, or Flow machine).
The improvement in volume voided per void for SANCTURA XR patients was statistically significant beginning at Week 1 and continuing through Week 12 (p=0.
The majority of firms said yesterday they had voided all bets as the match never started.
Wins for Croatia (1-0 v Estonia), Israel (2-1 v Macedonia) and Russia (4-0 v Andorra) have piled the pressure on England as they head to Tallinn to tackle Estonia on Wednesday for an encounter where anything less than three points would see them drift to odds-against markets, voided bets on Denmark and the draw and paid out on the Sweden/Sweden double result (all other double-result bets were voided).
Trospium patients increased their volume voided per void beginning at week 1 and continuing through week 12 (p (less than) 0.
Under certain circumstances, EnPro may, at its option, exchange for each outstanding Right (other than voided Rights) one share of common stock or one one-hundredth of a share of such preferred stock.
The three-judge panel unanimously voided legal schemes requiring race-based "goals and timetables" for hiring minorities and women at the Community Colleges and in the state civil service workforce generally.