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null and void

Cliché without legal force; having no legal effect. The court declared the law to be null and void. The millionaire's will was null and void because it was unsigned.
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fill the void

also fill a void
to replace or provide something necessary It is impossible to fill the void left by my sister's death.
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fill a/the void

to replace something important that you have lost, or to provide something important that you need The country needs a strong leader to help fill the void left by the death of the president. Religion helped me fill a void in my life.
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null and void

Canceled, invalid, as in The lease is now null and void. This phrase is actually redundant, since null means "void," that is, "ineffective." It was first recorded in 1669.
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99), which unlocks a variety of in-game bonuses for Blizzard games (available upon Legacy of the Void's release), including an Archon battle pet for World of Warcraft, a Void Speeder mount in Heroes of the Storm, and a protoss-themed card back in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.
The law provides various circumstances in which an obligation or contract may be void or voidable.
long, weigh-in at 34 tons each and have a total of 48 voids.
Despite a marked increase in tenant demand and a reduction in supply as 'reluctant landlords' are able to sell up, there is still only a slight improvement in rental voids.
It allows to investigate the influence of any separate void (or even micro-void if the model allows it) on SIF in any part of the specimen in the vicinity of the crack, defect, void, etc.
The OAB patients had a significantly greater number of voids in 24 hours despite comparable total urine output per day.
The Lebanese opposition's compulsion to stay in synchrony with Damascus's need to maintain the presidential void as a card in its hand through taking turns with verbal escalation and assaults against Mustakbal Movement leader, deputy Saad Hariri and against prime minister Siniora will only contribute to serious domestic tensions in Lebanon, especially if the void continues for months.
Since the beads were rearranged and packing had been enhanced by the action of the steam, the accumulated space created a void at the steam inlet location (the vent).
Bubbles, voids, sinks or blisters are the most significant causes of injection molded parts being rejected for cosmetic reasons.
You take a part of your giving and loving and you give it to them, and it fills the void.
Two voids help achieve this; a central double-height atrium that serves as the focus of the house connecting living spaces with a mezzanine work study, and more curiously a horizontal void, 770mm high, that articulates the structural division between concrete basement and timber frame; a continuously expressed interstitial datum that lies coincident with the re-entrant cutout.
Pointing out that Gilmore's complaint that the federal rule in question was void because of vagueness, the judge continued: "You were saying the rule is not void for vagueness and we can move on.
Like a doubting Thomas, I touched it, and lo and behold, there was nothing to touch: My arm went right through its "side," into a void.
Each void is between two of the generally parallel ridges, and each extends from a first cleansing aid edge to a second cleansing aid edge.
I need to void a check and I'm not sure which way is best.